Will 3.0 fix long standing bugs?

Will we be getting fixes for fundamental bugs, which have been in the game since launch? Or just more half thought out features? Examples:

1 - Knocked out thralls and corpses falling through floors
2 - Horrifically bad AI for thralls and mobs
3 - Thralls randomly standing up at crafting stations with their arms sticking out
4 - Thralls getting stuck in floors or nodes
5 - Thralls and mobs having AI “stuck” where they take no actions whatsoever

I had an issue of a named thrall i was dragging falling through the floor when i used a map room today. I remember this issue back when i played 1.5 years ago, why is this still an issue now?

There’s A LOT of stuff like that in the game. This is a topic I really REALLY wish they would have covered in the live stream. Every development group tracks bugs and both the number of bug fixes as well as the number of confirmed bugs which remain are known to any who look.

I would have loved to have heard some discussion on what remains and what has been fixed.


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