Will a respec allow me to build and use another god's altar?

So I decide to use a Yellow Lotus and found that I can now learn all of the starter altars.

I picked my original one but still have the option to learn the others (for 50pts of course). If I do learn one can I build it and use it as if I met with the trainer?



I highly recommend drink another potion and go learn the religions from the trainers. Yes, you can build it as if you learned it, but 50 points is a lot, and that just opens it up. You still need more points for T2/T3 altars. It’s just not worth it.

its EXTREMELY cheap to respec so ya you can learn whatever you want and then respec again to get your points back. 10 yellow lotus leaves is all it takes. I respec a lot, probably twice a day. I’ll bring those potions with me on raids too and when its over I respec into encumbrance to get the loots.

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