Will developer's make DLC for this?

I’m only about 50 hours in but would like to know if the developers are on making any dlc? I would love to see areas expanded, new bosses and gear added with actual quest lines and even things like rideable beasts. I think with a game like this where you can pour in hundreds of hours it would be nice knowing further down the line we’ll have new things to do.

The game has been officially placed in maintenance mode. So highly doubtful.

I would not be surprised with gear and sorcery being added to this version in a few months, however there will not be mounts or new areas added to this map. If this title does well for the first few months, we may see a DLC for a new map (like if you complete the game) that would include mounts. Sorcery has everything but the animations and graphics complete, so that is very feasible.

The current map was not set up in a manner that would allow for mounts to go on low end machines and consoles without falling off the map (unable to load environment fast enough). They would need to redo the entire map in smaller chunks to get this feature. The work required in redrawing the entire map would be better spent on an entirely new world.

With the current state of bugs, I doubt there will be any new content for a couple months. As Zorvan said “The game has been officially placed in maintenance mode”, so I highly doubt there will be anything new in the short term.

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