Will different creatures appear at night? And it's terrible! And they only show up at night

I think some scary ghosts or scary ogres appear at night
One-eyed cannibal trolls like to catch people at night, because they always hungry for food at night
They only eat people

I hope to add some horrible sounds at night, I have n’t heard a wolf howling for a long time and some weird sounds

At the same time, the night sky is beautiful, and there are fireflies flying around on the green grass.

Is there a horrible hand coming out of the ground at night to hold you?

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You should play witcher then my friend. It’s cheap to buy :grin:

Yeah I’m fine with the skeletons and wights being our undead enemies. Not zombies and things like that.

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No You’ve misunderstood.
This can create tension,Fear,Terrified。He’s an atmosphere。It’s also an element


The monsters that appear at night have always been our opponents


It should look more scary

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I like your way of thinking and articulation man. I know what you are after…
Alas Conan is not that kind of game.
Your best bet is to come live in the mounds of the dead and venture out for a little stroll at night. Be sure to have your blade on you. :metal::smiling_imp:

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Especially the sense of Chase

It would be wrong to do that.
He is not a horror movie

Perhaps a better course would be to have “hunting” periods for creatures already in the game. Predatory creatures like wolves and cats would move around at night and be more aggressive, but lie down and be more passive during the day. Humans might behave the opposite.

Of course, considering they are already nuking followers to reduce load, maybe the game can’t handle that…

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Actually, R. E. Howard (the creator of Conan) and H. P. Lovecraft (known for his horror stories) were quite friendly and admired each other’s work. Howard was a member of “Lovecraft Circle”. You can see references to Lovecraft’s work in Howard’s stories about Conan. For example, Yog is clearly a reference to Yog Sothoth, Set is hinted to be one of the Great Old Ones and the very first story about Conan includes the following quote:

He shuddered to see the vast shadowy outlines of the Nameless Old Ones, and he knew somehow that mortal feet had not traversed the corridor for centuries.

So yeah, there are subtle notes of horror in Conan source material and the creepy crawlies in Conan Exiles are a relatively nice touch.



There are already demon versions of animals that only spawn at night. I’m all for more eldritch horror in the game. As someone already pointed out Howard and Lovecraft has a “soft” shared universe so it would be very fitting to have things that go bump in the night.

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I am almost certain thia mechanic was already suggested some time in the past, I still didnt give up when the purge gets another update it may be used in that context at least.

Its another mechanic used in dragon’s dogma, the nights are dangerous with undead and even boss monsters like dragons and chimeras that roam the map at night.

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