Will existing inn pieces from Debaucheries of Darketo DLC work with bartender NPC placement?

Any plans for existing pieces to work with the bartender NPC? Maybe the straight piece could have a snap point.


While a grand idea, Funcom generally opts not to ad additional functionality to already released DLCs.

Having a snap points would be most excellent. It would help with alignment and placement so much.
Do any other placeables of a similar nature have horizontal snap locations?
This one forgets and is far from the game.

Ah, sorry, I meant a snap point for the thrall, in the new placement system (like the book stand has a snap point for an NPC to read it, or doorways do for guards).

The Nemedian bookcases snap to a wall and to each other in a grid. I think they are bugged because they will only snap to the midpoint of walls for me in most situations but sometimes it looks like they were meant to also snap precisely to a wall’s width.

I’d be great if these had a snap point with regard to the other pieces in the set. I can see how Funcom would be disinclined to revisit previously released material but it seems a shame to let it go to waste.

I think the problem is the different animations the bartender does with the bar, it probably has to be a fixed item for it to work properly :slight_smile:

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