Will I ever get to play?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Server
Region: America

Been playing on server 2801. We have a nice base built up, but none of us can ever play after 12pm EST. I love the game but 70% of my time is spent in the server browser waiting for a spot to open up. If one does open and I get lucky enough to get in, I crash within 10 seconds of loading. This is ridiculous. Are we getting more PvP servers? Whats being done to remedy this? Every single server is so packed that no one who isn’t in the initial 40 can play. Which is great because during raid time we cant even get on to defend ourselves. I just want to play the game and I don’t know what to do now.

Do what I do if I know I’m going to be on during peak times I log in early and let it sit till I’m ready for PvP. It’s a sorry thing to do but only way to insure a spot for PvP times

Most times tho you can keep hitting refresh and log in when people DC that’s what I do when I play during the weekend

I get home about a hour or so before PvP so I refresh till I get a spot then sit and wait