Will I lose my pets and archer thralls if I create an alliance?

So I’m a solo player on official Pvp server and I want to create an alliance but I have A LOT of archer thralls and pets will they start attacking me if I create an alliance?

You won’t “lose” them, but they become clan owned. You will lose them if you leave the clan (or get kicked). When leaving a clan, you only leave with the shirt on your back, and anything else you can slot on your hot-bar and inventory. All bases and placed thralls belong to the clan permanently. Even the thrall following you when you get put out of the clan will turn on you i believe.


Wow thanks for such a fast reply! So you are 100% sure when I create an alliance my thralls won’t attack me?

If other ppl joins your clan (u being the leader) u will insta own all their stuff (buildings, chests, thralls, etc if u kick ppl they lose all stuff) on the other hand if u join someone else clan (u are not the leader) all your stuff belong to the clan (leader adimins rank among clan), so if u join somebody clan n get kicked from it u lost all your stuff, basically u need to trust other ppl or other ppl have to trust in you


Ok thanks!

What happens if you are the only member of a clan and you leave it? Does your stuff become abandoned or does it revert to your ownership?

Hmm. I might test it out to see what happens.

Once you join a clan everything you own will stay in the clan. I think if you are the only member and disband it I believe everything will just disappear. At the least all your stuff will still belong to the alliance though.

I just tried leaving a clan of which I was the only member on an unofficial server, and the message was that all my buildings would be lost. However, what actually happened was that I retained ownership of my stuff.