Will nemedian foundations be fixed? :(

I won’t log into my single player save until it’s fixed, I was massively disappointed to lose my entire loot on my official server character and don’t play it anymore, and now I’m super scared of logging in and losing everything on my single player world. Will you guys fix it or am I out of luck and just have to not play ? I was so excited to play age of war and so far I can’t even try it out :confused:

The issue is the fix. You’re only option is to bite the bullet, log in, and hope you can scoop everything up and throw in storage before it goes …

It was fine before the update… I wonder why it takes so long to fix something that wasn’t broken before the update.

This is a DLC, the most important part of a building set is the foundation, and its bugged.

The point is it was actually bugged before. Taking away the directionality of the foundation was a fix. the nemedian foundation were the only ones adversely effected. But if you’re not playing waiting on a fix, I’m going to say something I am usually against, but maybe time to play something else.

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