Will pet inside pet cage be counted as active thralls?

I have a few Rocknose inside a pet cage (Gold Maker) if they not placed for defense they should not be counted. I feel they are productive like a blacksmith or a smelter ETC as while doing a production task inside the pet cage.

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You are correct. They do not count towards your limit unless you place them on the ground.

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While I can’t say anything with certainty, it would make sense for these to be consired as “crafter” pets. They have never been placed in the world and they are in fact “stored” in your animal pen. There is no reason why they would be counted towards the limit.

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I mean they are crafters while still in the pen, It’s just that the item they are crafting for you is poop in return for food.

So yes in technical terms animals in a pen are essentially poop crafting thralls :rofl:

yes, but gold pooping

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