Will Ps4lXbox Get chat option aside from just mic?

Game mode: [Online | PVE]
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Region: [East Coast USA]

Will console players get a chat feature aside from using mic? Along with this question, if it is in the work when and why would you not include it in a full release…? It is a very needed option, communication with other players is huge in an MMO/Survival MMO… Also if or when this after thought feature (not sure why but whatever) is indeed added can you please make it so we can use a keyboard hooked up to our console to make typing easier like every other finished console MMO includes (usually upon official release…).

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  1. Why would this not be included in a multiplayer game that has chat feature on the PC version?
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This is not a MMO but I totaly agree with you, this game needs a global chat box. It would be a good way to join clans and make friends.

I’d love to see it added.

i would love text chat, as well as voice chat to actually work for everyone

All the chat box does is give people a platform to be toxic. I say leave it without, if you want to talk to somebody go to the player list and send them a party invite. Ark’s chat box was just full of toxicity 24/7, this game has a chance to not go down that path.


Usually i’d disagree but i do feel that chat boxes on survival games ruins it. ARK chat is the absolute example of it.

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if you are against toxic chat, then just diable it, people are going to be toxic with or without chat, the harm that comes from it is only your perception, if you disable it, it wouldn’t change your gameplay experience


It does not mean the world needs to be massive but how many people can play on the same server. 40 players is not an MMO. It’s not a written thing so if you think 40 players is alot, then you can call it a MMO I guess. Then GTA 5 is also a MMO.

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Personally I could live without chat, but I think it would be a welcome addition for many players. I’m really hoping they get the writable notes and journal working, leaving notes for other players has alot of RP potential.

Chat would be nice most online games have em.

It’s not a mmo it’s a SMO :wink: