Will single play game saves be wiped May 8th?

Per subject, want to play the game, but, don’t want to progress much if everything is wiped. Thought maybe I could at least go a casual single player game not on a server, and play that long term for when I don’t want to pvp.

But, will the single player game saves/characters also get wiped May 8th? Thanks

It is up to you if you want to start over or not. As for the wipes, those are only for the Official Servers.

So ok cool. My single player game won’t get wiped. Cool :slight_smile:

I am on the fence about this. Nothing says that the release-day patch will not add a new data structure, or require such an extensive fix to an existing one or its data, as to require a purge of the database, even the single-player one.

For instance I have on my current SP toon, in the crafting window, 6 recipes that are showing empty icons with no description and no action available. Are these just 6 rogue entries that do no harm? Or are they just the tip of an iceberg, and a lot of other tables and rows that are not so clearly visible have trash data? Other people have reported this. Will they clean up the database with a patch, just hide the ones with no data attached, or force a wipe to clean up the rest of the supposed iceberg?

OTOH, I can’t stop playing… :slight_smile:

Ugg. Sure hope single player doesn’t wipe

Possible that these are left over from a mod that you may have used. It is annoying as all get out when that happens and I have had that happen.

I don’t think so. It’s my first toon and it’s in SP, the only mods I’ve been trying to use are the stack increasing ones, but the game is showing them as “corrupted”, so no go. Seeing the amount of mods that are broken by updates, I am pretty sure I won’t use a mod that creates items.

Another thing I’ve noticed. Some people are reporting that all their crafting stations have spawned a white-haired naked dude, even those without a thrall attached. Looks like more data corruption. How will this be handled by future patches?

In theory I should stop investing more time into this playthrough, but I’m still drawn to it :slight_smile: .

Take a screen shot and report it as a bug.

Done a few days ago of course, together with the recipe ids.