Will Siptah be developed?

Been testing out siptah. So far its pretty empty, devoid of anything interesting, and everything is the same everywhere you go…is this map under developement? Will there be pve or real dungeons or…anything? Is this considered release? I am just testing it atm and there is just nothing here. No ruins, no villages, no nothing? It feels very small. What is the deal?

The exiled lands is such a fun place too.

Unlike the rest of the game, the Isle of Siptah is in Early Access. This means they’re planning to add more stuff to it. As to what it’ll end up like, your guess is as good as mine. :man_shrugging:


The vaults aren’t considered “real dungeons”?..

Other then that, it’s early access for a reason. You can leave detailed feedback on what you want to see, and why you think vaults aren’t the same quality as what is found on the Exile Lands.


I like the vaults. They seem like real PvE content to me.

They did announce “new lands” coming in 2.3 (March 2021?). I hope they include NPC settlements that we can visit, trade, and raid. I also hope it comes with a Settlement system that’s been talked about for years. That would be some solid PvE content.


Siptah definitely needs some End Game loops and goals. Farming ??? to get T4 Thralls so you can make armor and weapons with Eldarium to farm more ??? is a little limited. Need a loop to jump onto with your gear.


Most obvious one is epic dungeon in tower like Wine Cellar or Warmaker. Or a portal to “New Lands” there that allow you to go in, get the loot and come back.

Purge mechanic. The tower should belch open up portals in the safe areas that belch out Elder Things to attack player bases.

Survivor settlements with Valeria giving out quests all around the main island. Go bring me this or that, kill this or that (including players for PvP) you could get imaginative and not just do fed ex and rat killing but that is a start.

Conquer Elder Thing fortresses inside the Maelsrtrom Area. There should be fortst there teaming with Elder Things. Think Mordor in Lord of the Rings. You should be able to raid them and free prisoners to claim them as thralls.


On the topic of Dungeons (Vaults) They are not that impressive, any vet to doing Vaults knows the same thing, Enter Vault>Skip all Mobs>Kill Last Boss>Loot Chest (Probably Empty).

So it takes 5 minutes at most to clear a Vault, They should add Mini Bosses throughout the Vault or Have the Normal Mobs drop more than 1 Eldarium every 5 kills to make it worth fighting your way thru the dungeon.

And take them as your Mounts! Imagine raiding other players’ bases on top of some monsters from the Maelstrom :rofl:

hmm last door wont open until you get at least 60% of the mobs inside killed? XD

I am curious about how much the empty part has to do with the fact that probably having killed all the vaults mobs instead of rushing towards the boss , would have let enough time for the chest to reset . For example I myself have done countless of vaults and have only encountered once the empty chest bug , but this is because I’m doing it the wrong way and killing all the mobs of the vault :wink:

But I do aggree that they are less difficult than dungeons of exiles land ( if we don’t count abyssal remnant and whitch queen dungeons ) , and even if they have great designs , the diffulty could get a little push upward ! And that an incentive of eldaruim on the mobs would be good !

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I like the vaults precisely because I have the option to either do full, partial, not last boss clear. I also like that the Eldarium is spread through the vaults.

Want more Eldarium? Go back and kill the mobs you just ran past.
Only doing a final boss clear? Then you only get 10 Eldarium and the final chest.

Thus, if I’m in a hurry and can’t be online very long, I can at least do a final boss and final chest run.
Minimal effort, minimal reward.
Or, if I can be on for a while, I can do a full clear and get all the Eldarium and the final chest.
Modest effort, modest reward.


To answer you, weather you kill all mobs or rush to end like most people do has nothing to do with the Empty Chest bug I joked about. It seems to have to do with whoever ran the vault last and did not Loot all items from the chest causes it to bug out (That is the Rumor) When the chest goes to reset if there is stuff still inside it bugs.

But to Clarify I rarely ever find empty vault chest.

I disagree with if you want more Eld go back and kill the mobs you passed. Do not do this! Vaults Lock for 1.5 hours after cleared, the idea is clear every vault as fast as possible before anyone else has a chance to clear it before you and Lock You Out. I’m the main Vault Runner on my Server and trust me they complain about every Vault is Locked, Speed is King.

By the time it takes you to full clear a Vault, I went ahead and cleared the next 5 you planned to go to. So now you’ll just waste your time trying to find a Vault that is open because you decided to do a full clear.

I went thru and cleared 13 out of 14 (1 Was Locked) vaults the way I said (Just run to Boss) I ended my session with 740 Decayed Eldarium.

there was a time when if you didn’t close the chest you looted with E , but by pressing escape , it was buging the chest for the entire day , maybe it’s this bug resurfacing in another way , but the amount of things you loot in a chest doesn’t impact if it will reset or not this is pure rumor :wink:

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I stated that is the rumor, However I believe it to be true. Chest Bugged out Since Siptah lauched (There is many Forum Post About it) and Still Persist to this day, you acting like it was an issue than went away and now back again is odd. Either you don’t play very much or don’t Vault Much…Or you’re a Single-Player Player.

I’m speaking of a bug that existed for a long time on the Exiles map , Sitpah is new , but use a lot of old things from the exiles land , don’t misunderstand what I was saying :wink:

Why we talking about Exiled on a Siptah Forum? Did you not see the Title of this Thread? Just asking.

You’re talking about a bug that was on Exiled and trying to use that as to the issue we face on Siptah and than calling it a rumor because it was on Exiled so you assume it is on siptah to? Very odd.

I’m just stating that this bug could be a resurfacing bug that was on Exiles land , speaking of it may point to the community members a potential source of the bug , that they can relay to the dev team if they haven’t looked into it :wink:

Well I read a lot of post , even if I don’t comment on all of them , I may have missed the one about the general concesus , but If I can add my experience to it , I have chained the same 2 vaults for about 13 hours 5 days in a row when sitpah launched and the days after , did some other stuff , then repeated the process , never looted the entirety of the chest , didn’t have the empty chest bug , only once at arrival and we were 4 clamates with T3 thralls doing it , so we tore it down a bit to quick . since I wasn’t alone I didn’t wait 30 minutes just to be sure it refreshed and obtain my loot .

on another hand your assumption of me playing single player , I play PVE-C official

I made no assumptions Btw You are not reading things correct, But with that Chest are Bugged I see it said on my server Every Single Day “Dang it another Empty Vault” Players know exactly what I’m talking about. But to that end whatever leads to the fix for these chest if it’s what you mentioned or something else, Great.

I always do the vaults the wrong way, and have still run into the edit chest problem a handful of times. I do feel like it either happens less to me than others, or players get more today about it than I do.