Will Siptah be developed?

If you don’t understand , I am not saying chest aren’t bugged , I am trying to find the real cause of the bug , while you aren’t helpfull at the moment , the other thing I am saying is having faced a bug like this by the past I have adopted behaviours that I beleive are key in the way the bug occurs ! now read carefully the post I’ve written above and see how this old bug has a pattern with what you said about chest visually closing or not . I’m sorry if you took personnaly when I said it’s rumor , but it has nothing to do with you , it’s just from what I have experienced so far

I don’t take anything personally, I play a game. Anyway to be more blunt I do not think you are on the right path, and I think if you feel you are maybe you should post that under the threads that talk about the Vault Chest issue. That’s Kind of my point, Both people here talking to you said they don’t have this issue but you keep telling us how to fix an issue we do not have.

Clans decaying on our server by the ten’s.

People are bored already and after 2.1

People only refreshing also count toward player active count on steam? so it’s bad.

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Look at the Avg. Players not the Peak Players
But yeah the 2.1 update did n’t give new content other than a total economie overhaul.

Yeah like day 3 of siptah now and it feels even emptier than it did on day 1. Explored a vault…it was literally a staircase down, a staircase up, boss. Almost all mobs in the dg were exactly the same. Even less happy with siptah if that is possible. If this were my first experience with conan I would be uninstalling now.

Hey there,

Isle of Siptah is still under development until early 2021. There are still two major updates to it scheduled before its full release. We dealt a bit about those in our devstreams and latest producers letters.
Besides of that, there’s not much more we can share at the moment.
Also, to report a bug, please follow the instructions found in this post and make sure to post it in the bugs subforum (do also make sure it hasn’t been reported recently, such as the vault chest bug):


To be far Ignasis, the 2.1 update was a “crafting systems” update. And now the 2.2 update looks like a “combat systems” update. A lot of us would like to see the Siptah map get some new content. I actually prefer it to the Exiled Lands right now and I really like the fact that your lead designer is trying to make it more dynamic but I am hoping that there are some major Siptah game loops yet to be implemented and that some of that could be put into 2.2.


…Removed…will post in bugs

Yes we started playing on GAMING-EVOLVED PVP Modded server. Just to get different op

Just to get different options on the siptah map. Official got boring and annoying pretty quick. And We r conan exiles fans since the game released. We r so far enjoying the mods and the PVP no offline raiding. On GAMING-EVOLVED server

Vault idea was good. I wish and hope they add more content like that.


The biggest problem with vaults is that they’re very linear and mostly skippable. You can just run through them and only fight the end boss; the only thing you miss is 25-100% more decayed eldarium. That combined with lockout mechanics makes for a problem as discussed above; the incentive is to run through them rather than doing them “right”.

I have only done 2 of the different vaults but thusfar they seem more like a big puzzle room than a dungeon. Short. Was all the same monster repeated. The first one was just a stair going down and a slightly more dangerous stair going up the middle to the boss. We are still looking for the meaty dungeons and have not found much at all on the map. I am hoping there are dungeons other than vaults around.

That’s the way I like 'em. I don’t want to spend all day on one dungeon; I have a real life outside of the Conan world.

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That’s fine. But at that point, they’re just little grind loops, not dungeons. No one would ever mistake the Priest King on the Exiled Lands map for a dungeon.

Given how easy it is to skip what content exists in them, you might as well just put the boss in the first room and admit they’re just a way to gate access to endgame content by putting Eld accumulation on a lockout timer.

Actually, Funcom is using the “Delve” concept for the “Vaults.” This concept has also been used in Elder Scrolls Online. You are correct in that they are not “dungeons” in the traditional sense of the word, but they are becoming a more accepted and appreciated concept to game development.

To be fair, Elder Scrolls Online does use, not only delves (vaults) for solo gameplay, but also dungeons (like you are describing) for a small party of 4-5 people, as well as full-scale raids for larger 10-12 person teams.

Well, if they put all the loot at the end, then yes, its a problem. I would recommend, however, that instead of redesigning the vaults, Funcom should scatter the loot. That way, players are rewarded “all the loot” for doing the whole vault, but only partial loot for ‘racing to the end.’ That way, the vault is set up to reward based on what the player put into it rather than force everyone to play it a certain way.

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Apart from bugs and long cooldown times, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the vaults the way they are now. “Little grind loops” is a perfect description, and I like having the flexibility of rushing through them for lower yield or doing them slowly for higher yield. I would really hate it if they made the grind even grindier.

Siptah needs more content. Vaults shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of Siptah. We need more dungeons, with “proper” dungeon structure and bosses. We need other content, such as actually useful recipes to discover** or earn, instead of winning them through slot machine game mechanics.


c’mon “nude lands” are confirmed

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I was just about to comment that the vaults were more like delves, so I’m glad I read your post.

Personally, I’d like to see more content akin to dungeons, public dungeons and trials in the Siptah but I wonder how appropriate content like that would be in what is technically a sandbox survival game.


Perhaps random generated endless dungeons. Its getting harder while you go deep inside. Same like diablo. I would love to see such a content.

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