Will Siptah be developed?

I feel the same, I barely ever get an empty Vault and I was doing them the most on my server. I would like do 10 in a row than see someone in Chat complain about an empty chest and here I am thinking…well I just did 10 and had no issues.

maybe it’s anti cheesers mechanics
I runned but couple vaults, but always found full chests

Do you close the chests with E or esc ? and do you do the same vaults over , or tend to diversify ?

I did the diversify until i had the 14 sigils for me and my T4 fighter , now I tend to do the same 2/3 vaults the closer to my base for eldarium and since the moment i understood that pressing Esc to close a chest back in the days on Exiles land would bug it out , I always close chest pressing E

If you do this, Loot some items from the chest but not all and look at the chest, it recloses. Than Loot all and now look at the chest, it stays open. Again I barely run into Empty Chest and I think players are Correct it’s not Full Looting the Chest that bugs it out.

I tend to do the same vaults as I don’t really care about the sigils. I always clear out the chests and just drop what I don’t want on the floor. I don’t recall whether or not I close the chests again afterwards.

the way they fixed the bug back in the days on Exiles land was to make pressing esc the same effect as pressing E , You may not remember but before that fix , chest would visually stay open if you press esc while playing the sound of closing , if you pressed E the chest would visually close with the sound , ( by that i mean the button you press to get out of the “lock” position where you can’t move and the mouse shows up to move inventory items ) . the impact this had was that the chest where people pressed esc to get out of “lock” inventory would bug an show empty all day ( fun fact , if you were 2 person or more in a clan , the person who opened it was the only one able to close it with the animation ) untill server restart ! ( another fun fact , this bug only starts as soon as you got far enough for the chest to enter idle mode , staying near it would let it work properly ) So yes I beleive that more than the fact of how much you loot inside , the way you interact with it may have more impact !

@Ignasi I add you just in case this could lead to resolve the bug

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Read #1 Issue of this Thread that was just made by Someone Else.

And I’ll say it again for the 3rd time, I do not have this empty chest bug as much as others seem to, the way I interact with a chest has nothing to do with it in my opinion.

If you don’t understand , I am not saying chest aren’t bugged , I am trying to find the real cause of the bug , while you aren’t helpfull at the moment , the other thing I am saying is having faced a bug like this by the past I have adopted behaviours that I beleive are key in the way the bug occurs ! now read carefully the post I’ve written above and see how this old bug has a pattern with what you said about chest visually closing or not . I’m sorry if you took personnaly when I said it’s rumor , but it has nothing to do with you , it’s just from what I have experienced so far

I don’t take anything personally, I play a game. Anyway to be more blunt I do not think you are on the right path, and I think if you feel you are maybe you should post that under the threads that talk about the Vault Chest issue. That’s Kind of my point, Both people here talking to you said they don’t have this issue but you keep telling us how to fix an issue we do not have.

Clans decaying on our server by the ten’s.

People are bored already and after 2.1

People only refreshing also count toward player active count on steam? so it’s bad.

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Look at the Avg. Players not the Peak Players
But yeah the 2.1 update did n’t give new content other than a total economie overhaul.

Yeah like day 3 of siptah now and it feels even emptier than it did on day 1. Explored a vault…it was literally a staircase down, a staircase up, boss. Almost all mobs in the dg were exactly the same. Even less happy with siptah if that is possible. If this were my first experience with conan I would be uninstalling now.

Hey there,

Isle of Siptah is still under development until early 2021. There are still two major updates to it scheduled before its full release. We dealt a bit about those in our devstreams and latest producers letters.
Besides of that, there’s not much more we can share at the moment.
Also, to report a bug, please follow the instructions found in this post and make sure to post it in the bugs subforum (do also make sure it hasn’t been reported recently, such as the vault chest bug):


To be far Ignasis, the 2.1 update was a “crafting systems” update. And now the 2.2 update looks like a “combat systems” update. A lot of us would like to see the Siptah map get some new content. I actually prefer it to the Exiled Lands right now and I really like the fact that your lead designer is trying to make it more dynamic but I am hoping that there are some major Siptah game loops yet to be implemented and that some of that could be put into 2.2.


…Removed…will post in bugs

Yes we started playing on GAMING-EVOLVED PVP Modded server. Just to get different op

Just to get different options on the siptah map. Official got boring and annoying pretty quick. And We r conan exiles fans since the game released. We r so far enjoying the mods and the PVP no offline raiding. On GAMING-EVOLVED server

Vault idea was good. I wish and hope they add more content like that.


The biggest problem with vaults is that they’re very linear and mostly skippable. You can just run through them and only fight the end boss; the only thing you miss is 25-100% more decayed eldarium. That combined with lockout mechanics makes for a problem as discussed above; the incentive is to run through them rather than doing them “right”.

I have only done 2 of the different vaults but thusfar they seem more like a big puzzle room than a dungeon. Short. Was all the same monster repeated. The first one was just a stair going down and a slightly more dangerous stair going up the middle to the boss. We are still looking for the meaty dungeons and have not found much at all on the map. I am hoping there are dungeons other than vaults around.