Will Siptah be developed?

That’s the way I like 'em. I don’t want to spend all day on one dungeon; I have a real life outside of the Conan world.

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That’s fine. But at that point, they’re just little grind loops, not dungeons. No one would ever mistake the Priest King on the Exiled Lands map for a dungeon.

Given how easy it is to skip what content exists in them, you might as well just put the boss in the first room and admit they’re just a way to gate access to endgame content by putting Eld accumulation on a lockout timer.

Actually, Funcom is using the “Delve” concept for the “Vaults.” This concept has also been used in Elder Scrolls Online. You are correct in that they are not “dungeons” in the traditional sense of the word, but they are becoming a more accepted and appreciated concept to game development.

To be fair, Elder Scrolls Online does use, not only delves (vaults) for solo gameplay, but also dungeons (like you are describing) for a small party of 4-5 people, as well as full-scale raids for larger 10-12 person teams.

Well, if they put all the loot at the end, then yes, its a problem. I would recommend, however, that instead of redesigning the vaults, Funcom should scatter the loot. That way, players are rewarded “all the loot” for doing the whole vault, but only partial loot for ‘racing to the end.’ That way, the vault is set up to reward based on what the player put into it rather than force everyone to play it a certain way.

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Apart from bugs and long cooldown times, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the vaults the way they are now. “Little grind loops” is a perfect description, and I like having the flexibility of rushing through them for lower yield or doing them slowly for higher yield. I would really hate it if they made the grind even grindier.

Siptah needs more content. Vaults shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of Siptah. We need more dungeons, with “proper” dungeon structure and bosses. We need other content, such as actually useful recipes to discover** or earn, instead of winning them through slot machine game mechanics.


c’mon “nude lands” are confirmed

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I was just about to comment that the vaults were more like delves, so I’m glad I read your post.

Personally, I’d like to see more content akin to dungeons, public dungeons and trials in the Siptah but I wonder how appropriate content like that would be in what is technically a sandbox survival game.


Perhaps random generated endless dungeons. Its getting harder while you go deep inside. Same like diablo. I would love to see such a content.

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Derp. To be clear I’m not looking for non-sandbox style content (random dungeons). There was plenty of texture to the exiled lands (ruins, temples, critter caves, dungeons, etc). I’m not even looking for instanced dungeons (warmaker, grove, etc) as I just like there to be some detail in the open world. Not finding it here in siptah though. Its devoid of all the stuff that made me fall in love with this game to begin with.

Sounds like we have similar thinking. I have no problem with Funcom adding more content to Siptah. In fact, I’d agree that it is needed (in addition to the vaults we already have).

An “open-air dungeon” might be more in-line with the sandbox approach. Like a city of NPCs that you can enter from just about any direction (like Sepermaru before the NPCs were all turned neutral). The Unnamed City takes this ‘open-air’ approach and its filled with bosses that a player(s) can take on for as much or as little as desired per gaming session.


One thing I’d like to see added in new content is more story to find. I mean we have Siptah, he has his notes over the place (I’m still missing 2) but what about Threa?. Where is her side of the story, she was a princess, surely she knew how to read and write and I would love to see some of her insight. And Bak-Hotep, surely being in his position he was educated enough to write.


It’d also be nice if Siptah’s notes could be picked up and stored so we could read them at a later date like Razma’s notes in the EL.


Exactly, actually my hubby said that the other day after asking was I going to go around and read them all in order once I find the last

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Yes, I’m another one that would love more findable story (and the ability to collect the pieces for later reading in order). Sure it’s an openworld sandbox, so the story elements can’t dominate, but it would be cool to be able to find more for those of us that enjoy it. (I fairly recently found the ‘scouts notes’ stuff and learned where the imps come from - pointless and adds nothing that is ‘required’ but great for those of us that like these things :slight_smile: )

On a similar note I’d love a way to collect the information from the lorestones in the Exiled Lands to be able to play through in order as well. Maybe something like a character journal (Ok that’s in use, call it a diary or lore-book or something :wink: ) that the character can ‘write’ this information into to check back later. There’s a whole bunch of cool ‘story background’ in this game, but it would be really nice to be able to put it in order once we finally collect it.


there are bethesda style story hooks already, some are just hard to find, and others rather easy to miss, like people were reporting missing trophy perks for island specific animals, that actually were in game from beginning, you just needed to find them, I had to watch YT video to locate that trapper’s camp
and Alex said there be more and something new, we’ll see

Just to kind of append projected opinions here…I have been playing on siptah with a couple others. Now that we have found a server that seems to have a nice community in which there is some civiliaztion/interactions or just general player created content I am definitely enjoying the map a bit more. It very much reminds me of Rust. It is a very good map for many clans to find great spots to build. On a server with no ppl its not so much fun.

As a small group we have enjoyed a server where raiding happens less but pvp is encouraged. There are not many places to hide and resources are pretty slow to obtain. With lots of raiding it became all grind and no fun times for us.

The big downside is the storm in the middle so far. Its big. It offers the same confusing content all through out when its occurring. It renders a large chunk of the map unusable. The storm is also a big upside though. As I have to run back and forth and all over to find materials I need it keeps that middle section free of gross ■■■■-blocking builds.

So I’m feeling a lot better about the map. But its a LOT of work to get established in and there is no where to hide so we just seem to have to carve off huge hunks of land and wall stuff in.

I still feel its very homogeneous. If the storm is gonna make 50% of the land unusable I would love some islands or some other ways to extend the landscape.

wait what???

Nothing to explore?

so u found booze cave, goat demon, Killer rabit, Sharks, drowned ship with loot, all 3 big underwater caverns, all carin first men houses , lone wanderer, Walking vampire, Booze thief, Flaming skelleton boss, dragons, Judge, Elephant of afrika that mollests u, all languages, all ships, oar blueprint, npc camp, lone mommy of sabres, man who wants to fly and soo on??? even i explored all sipta and i have achivement for it,… i still find new stuff, only one problem about this all is that its more on PVP than PVE so playing alone is boring and thats all…


When all i want is a similar character to this, with weapons outside on body, next Conan maybe…
Its so badass

why everyone nowadays want to be like something? Be yourself and make gameplay that everyone else remember u not some assassin creed main char…

This makes me feel bad, because those days was hard and actually BAD, yes looking good and badass, but forexample vikings was worst thing that may happen to cities where they drived… everyone dead, towns pillaged, womans …"R " … it makes not even feel bad but afraid of humanity future, when everyone wants to be something except themselfs and make something good, seems everyone missing wars and such things… and that is not normal…

If u want similar character like this historical savage :smiley: then buy assassin creed ragnarock and play…

Forexample i just want they make characters customable that i can make myself into face :smiley: just somehow body features are 90% like me 2 y ago :smiley:

but… There is some thing they can make with siptah…



I don’t know about others, but I play video games to be someone other than myself. “Myself” would have died on that cross from the intro.

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What? You mean you don’t play games to prepare for the zombie apocalypse? :grin:

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