Will Siptah be developed?

Well, i have never played assassin creed, i am not into that kind of game style, but i am talking more about the characters, i like them very much. In Conan you can pull a 2 meter long sword out of your butt, you cant see what weapons your opponent are carrying and in Conan. In Rust you can also see what type of weapons your enemy is carrying from far.

Not really this topic of course but I definitely agree that it sucks to know have any idea or clue about who you should engage or not cause you cannot tell how bad they outclass your gear (or not).

Also to clarify. I do like the map. I am enjoying the map. I do come off like a toxic **** sometimes. The map does feel arena like though. It is more fun as a clan survival game (working as intended…I think) whereas the exiled lands map was an insanely awesome, intimate, detailed, place…I could play there with or without ppl even (and do). Any reaction here in this thread is entirely due to me expecting another exiled lands experience.

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