Will the follower command system be fixed with siptah?

This has made this game infuriatingly unplayable for nearly a year because it causes overlap which makes doing anything in the game that requires the interact button (from checking a thrall’s stats to opening doors and EVERYTHING ELSE!!!) an absolute nightmare.

Here are a few easy fixes:

  1. remove it! A quality of life improvement that makes life worse is a mistake!
  2. get rid of the shortcut to the journey steps page and move it to that button. Journey steps are awesome but never time sensitive so there is no reason for there to be a shortcut.
  3. allow it to be disabled server side/client side. Just because a few crybabies playing pokethralls can’t be bothered to push 2 buttons doesn’t mean everyone should have to put up with a system that couldn’t have possibly been programmed by a sober human being.
  4. admit you hate your console community so they can finally give up hope that you will ever do your jobs.

This is such an easy fix and obvious problem that there is no excuse for this persisting for nearly a year.

I am madder than a bag of hornets because I know you guys are better than this!

Funcom the anger comes from love. As it is most of your content is entirely unplayable because running dungeons like this is suicidal. This is invalidating all the wonderful work you guys do because it was such an obvious and easily avoided mistake and can be fixed in no time but you don’t even try. There is no way you can be happy with this.

Ps: because if I don’t add this someone is going to assume the whole world is as spoiled as them, CONSOLE PLAYERS CANT REBIND KEYS OR USE MODS SO THOSE ARE NOT SOLUTIONS THEY ARE COPOUTS!

How many funcom employees do you think immediately changes the key bindings when this came out? I doubt any of them use default settings because even pc gamers admit that the setup was idiotic.

Funcom we know you are better than this. The new dye system, dragons now dropping leather, the armor improvements, the healing changes balancing heavy armor which was made entirely too easy to use with the dodge changes, and so many more. You make so many positive and brilliant decisions that an obvious and highly destructive mistake like this lasting nearly a year while being so easily fixed is just undermining all your amazing triumphs.

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