Will the game be open for the Modding community?


I think there are some Modders who’d really like to expand this offering. The game feels like it needs more, and Modders are very good at making a game more - more what? That depends on the Modder!

Me? I just want a minimap to put in the corner so I can get a better idea where I’m going. I tend to get lost easy… so I kinda need a Marauders map… just to make sure where I’ve got to go.

Hey, it’s easy to get turned around, I watched a YouTuber doing a let’s play - he ended up going left & up some ladders where there were level 10 baddies. Turned out he was supposed to go right on the path in the opposite direction! So a minimap would be nice.

There are lots of things Modders could do, but would you be okay with it and let them?


Nice idea, man! +1


Thank you for the suggestion, and welcome to the community, @Starrweaver! :slight_smile:

At the moment I don’t think there are plans to roll out a dev kit, but if that changes we will let the community know!