Will the little things be fixed on launch day?

I feel like this game has some clean mid game with the combat expansion, the talent trees, the combat, the dungeons…and I feel it should keep on being built upon.

However, the first hour of gameplay is the most important part of the game. It is for a ton of people, what dictates if they play or they shelf it. And right now, there still seems to be alot of jerky bugs as early as the character creation and opening character cinematic. Arms clipping through bodies, attempting to edit faces just to have the camera zoom into the sky, forcing you to recreate the character or be happy with a random look…

Is this going to be fixed with the big launch day patch?

Also…as someone who is pretty new, how many skill points does it take to max an attribute? I know you get 60 levels…so 60 points. Just trying to play everything out.

Thanks for the info!

I’m sure almost all the bugs that are known right now will get fixed by launch


I’m really worried about the bugs that will come out on launch. Like their hotfix from a few days ago caused a massive problem with thralls not re spawning after you capture them. Think of what will happen when they do a big content update. But I’m still hoping for the best.

Even AAA game have issues at launch, so expect them!

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I’ve started several characters over the last few weeks and have noted none of the issues you note…

The skill tree has changed over time, so I am not sure, but I bet a google search would find it.,.