Will the new age wipe all servers?

the new age that is coming, will it force wipe to all servers and coop building? thanks

Somehow, this manages to be asked every update and every single time the answer is still no :thinking:


Doubtful. It would kill the fun of a new age if players had to rebuild everything, not to mention the effort to get and level up new guards.

Yes please :grin:

Lol, they mostly put new stuff in “unable to build in this area” zones so it wont really mess with player structures. If the new content is based at pirate bay theres a massive amount of beach front property that is off limit building zone where they can drop a few new structures, as well as in the Unnamed city and Sepemaru if my hunch is right about the Relic hunter treasure seekers. It looks like we even get to keep obulus and obulus vendors, whereas in previous developer videos Dennis said these would be wiped away when the new Age came.

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Since you are relatively new to forum (jan 9), I will withhold any snarkiness. Officials will never be wiped per Funcom. They may merge 2 servers ( only once in 5 years) where 1 server goes away and those players will lose everything not on thier bodies at merge time. Privates may wipe based on the owner.


Now this is an interesting idea, official with every new age :smiley:


While I would like to see this for officials, I’m not expecting it since devs have flat out said they avoid this.


But imagine the forum noise if it happens.


would be the best excuse to say a goodbye…

After some deep contemplation, revelations and discoveries… I’ve changed my opinion on this matter.

They should be wiped on a schedule, every 3 months would be most fair imo. At least PVP anyway.


You know what I got to say about that? “Put some brine on that booboo”.

Once again; and I wish we had a forum icon next to our names for this, I’ve played since the game dropped EA. I know I have started over a hundred times. I get board, I get aggravated, I get infuriated, I get attention sucked to another game, but I come back and start over, and over, and over.

I have to wonder just what % of players would actually quit for a server wipe. Certainly not PVP players.




I know some that might be really butthurt.

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The key is pvp players. Not og pvb players that currently control the narative of officials. I think some og pvp players would come back, as fresh starts mean fresh race to the top, and adrenaline rush of true competition.

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i see thank you. but what about private coop server?
i guess if they add new areas and new dungeons, we will be unable to build in the area. so what if theres exist building there before the update, will get get destroyed?

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i am on since ea as well. till now my main base NEVER decayed. relocated and rebuild in order to have a smaller footprint 2 years ago. i would consider the wipe a big FU in my face… there r many items that now r unobtainable in my possesion… all recipes on a character (both ios and EL) , i have helped over 100 players in my journey, and i always believe that materials r really worthless (honestly i can rebuild my place in a month with 99% of what i have now restocked)… but i would loose the one thing i value the most and the one thing that keeps me in this game.
since the 1st person that EVER gifted me anything, i maintain a room at my place named as “hall of the brave”. i hold and display there the only kind of gift i accept from any player i met… a weapon of their own choice as a remembrance token. (the place is visitable and open to whoever is curious enough to explore my place in 1005).
when this place will be lost i will depart from the server (and probably from game as well). a wipe would do that. so for me would also probably be the main reason to leave and uninstall the game .

private coop is onoybwiped by starting a new save.
Typically the new dungeon will be added outside play area, and they rarely touch current build areas Warmakers entrance the only one i recall being intrusive and removing player buildings.


king niche also

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This. I actually know some people who play private servers that wipe every couple weeks or so and play with boosted resources. They like the whole battle royale concept of everyone starting with nothing for a level playin field. I can see a wipe every age or so being a huge improvement for many pvp players.

That being said, PvE would be definite no. PvE players are more invested in the work they put in, whereas PvP is more invested in the action, challenge, and player interactions. It’s two different mentalities.


I mean, I do that every patch/age.

Really doesn’t take that much effort.