Will the new Purge work?

The current Purge has not worked in my Single-Player game for years. I don’t know why it doesn’t. I’ve reported it, but nothing ever came of that. My meter fills up, but the Purge just never starts. Even if I go Admin, the command to start a Purge does nothing. Disappointing, but it’s a bug I can live with if I have to.

So with that in mind, do you guys think there’s any chance for the new Purge to work for people like me? (I’m assuming I’m not the only person facing this issue). I just thought maybe since it’s designed to trigger when you want, then maybe that will fix the issue I have.

I play with mods, though they’re all very trusted mods that have been updated regularly for years, so I wouldn’t think they would be interfering with the Purge.

I suppose it depends entirely on the reason why you might not be getting purged. Maybe your base is located somewhere that they simply cannot find a path into it. Although usually in that case they just spawn right on top of you.

Anyway, you’ll find out rather quickly if it works or not. All you gotta do is hit that proclaim wealth button and wait a few minutes. They will either spawn or they won’t. If they don’t, you’ll get a message saying so and you can try again. If you try like half a dozen times or so and they never show, then it’s safe to say there’s something about your base that is preventing it.

Also, even though you trust these mods you’re using, please be aware that there’s still a chance they will interfere with the purge. Especially since it’s going into a new system. Mod authors simply cannot predict every possible interaction that their mod will have with new patches that change fundamental aspects of the game they’re modding. Not until after they can get their hands on the new version so they can test it out.

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Also if your building were not strong or large enough it will not attack with non test purge as I’m on Xbox and if the building power score was too low for the area it would not spawn but I build small thus I build 1 base large enough to trigger it but new purge looks much better and functional now🤩 I’m going to die a lot

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That reminds me, I forgot that there’s a no purge zone located along noob river. If your base happens to be located somewhere in that zone, you just won’t ever get purged.

Not sure that will effect the new purge system though, since it’s basically a voluntary system. Might be something worth having a few folks test out on the beta.

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Over the years I’ve built in several places, including places where I was purged back when it used to work for me. So I know location is not the issue.

I don’t know anything about how mods work, so I guess it’s possible. We’ll see in a month or so when Chapter 2 gets released. Thank you.

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