Will the remainder of the story/story notes be released?

Hey, I heard somewhere that SWL will no longer be receiving content updates or something to that effect, is there any way we could get some kind of conclusion to the story or whatever notes are left? It’s been years since I last played, but I put literally thousands of hours into the original TSW and the story was always something everyone enjoyed, I’d be bummed if I never found out how it was all supposed to play out in the end.

Edit: Just to clarify, by “conclusion” I don’t mean a content update, I mean the actual notes or some kind of statement on what was supposed to happen. Anything is appreciated.

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I don’t know where you heard it from, but your source would seem to have misled you. There’s been nothing saying that there won’t be any more content updates, (with the possible exception of salty players screaming “the game is dead!”).

There was a small continuation to the story released as part of the Valentines Day event last month - it wasn’t huge, but it opened up some very interesting questions!

So, given that the story is still active, there’s very little chance that we’d get to see what the as-yet unreleased story elements are. We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens!

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The latest quarterly report mentioned that they would be scaling back all future content if there was any at all, so I mean… salt aside, is it really reasonable to assume they’re going to keep adding content to the game? The exact wording was that “Investments need to be scaled to the size and revenue of the game” and that large scale content updates would no longer be possible, even if being bought by Tencent.

They might still have seasonal events, but with that model in mind there’s no way we’re getting story completion naturally.


I wasn’t going to say anything but I overheard my agents Amir, Petru and Che talking and they said at the next Anniversary event everyone’s character will be summoned to Agartha (even the ones who haven’t logged in in a while) and a giant bee is going to suicide dive into Agartha and kill everyone. Now if it was just Che saying this I wouldn’t believe him :grin:

imho what is realistic:

  1. There will be no main story update, no new zone/dungeon or raid etc. However the game will be still running, maybe with some small “updates” once or twice in year (new batch of agents, something like last Valentine “quest” etc.). I don’t believe in any missing content from TSW coming back into SWL. It’s a dead end.

  2. If there is any posible future of SW ip, it will be via new standalone games.

  3. If they will buy Funcom, their main priority will be Dune ip, then some new games with Conan ip, then Conan Exiles and then new SW games maybe.

It’s been apparent for a while that SWL isn’t a top priority for dev time, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll never get anything more. Speculating about exactly what we will get is a pretty pointless exercise though, as FC aren’t telling us what they consider appropriate investments given the revenue of the game.

At the same time though, they still aren’t saying that there will be nothing else. We know that SWL doesn’t have a cinematic developer atm, which is going to be a serious hindrance to producing new story content, and we don’t know if/how that’ll change. But until they actually say that the game is going into maintenance mode and will no longer receive any updates, there’s no chance that they’ll tell us what might have happened.

Even if they decide to stop all development on SWL, they’re unlikely to give us the story spoilers, as it would be something they could use for other titles in the IP.

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There’s is also nothing saying we will get more content updates!

Let’s look at some data, namely, the progression of the blue missions :
June 2012 - launch
November 2013 - Kaidan scenario qualification (17 months)
June 2014 - Kaidan part 1 (7 months)
December 2014 - Kaidan part 2 (6 months)
June 2015 - Kaidan part 3 (6 months)
April 2018 - South Africa (34 months)
now - nothing “yet” (23 months and counting)

Conclusion : TSW had an awesome update cadence after all.

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Funcom recently asked on Twitter what everyone’s favourite FC game was and 70%* of the answers were TSW/SWL. I don’t know if they plan to use that information or not, but it would be nice if they did.

*That’s an approximation. I wasn’t actually working out the statistics.


I’m unable to find that quote in the Q4 2019 report. Would you be so kind as to provide the page number?

Can you shot screen and post so we can see? I thought Congo would be soon because of Valentine and new gear.

If this is what you’re referring to (thanks to @Leogrim for the link) I’m really curious how you came to your conclusion that there would be no further story updates. There’s no mention of scaling back and SWL never even had any large-scale expansions to begin with. This is how bad rumors get started.

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My curiosity got the better of me and yep, I found that too, at the 34:00 Q/A mark. They do mention they will continue to invest commensurate to the revenue they receive, and that the player base have not grown (but don’t say if they’re stable or not). I assume they are referring to AOC, AO, and SWL as that was what the original q asked about. I agree with most if @Elsunga’s assessment of where things currently stand. Tho I hope they bank some revenue into a “medium” content update like a dungeon or story continuation. Nbd, just SWL will be taking the slow road to any additional game development (which we all know).

At this point it’s nice for me how they (CEO/CFO) seem more open to share what’s going on with their games portfolio. I’m also excited about Dune, and that they intend to spend 30-50 MM USD (they spent about 10MM on CE, iirc). And that they are trying to time it with the Dune movie release. Hopefully a reasonable “Game as a Service” i.e. “subscription” price model. Also, welcome our new Tencent overlords.

As for the OP, there’s a SWL/TSW Lore book and app that’s been fan published. It’s a great read and super fun. Suggest that for your reading. Also, iirc the Agent stories give more hints(?) about storylines, but not so sure.


Overall investment seems to be dwindling. It reached the point a year ago where they couldn’t even keep up with Customer Service needs. It strikes me as supremely unlikely we will ever see a major content update again. One or two tiny quests like the Valentines one a year seems like almost a stretch.

Would a next zone be major?

I would call a zone major.

That was more about Conan Exiles being more popular than anticipated than anything about SWL.

The amount of aurum that was bought and sold during the valentines day event is a good indicator that new/seasonal content can pull in a fair bit of revenue for the game. Hopefully it’ll support the idea that SWL is worth developing more content for!


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but Funcom dedicates no support staff to Conan Exiles at all. You can’t submit tickets for the game.

I guess there is limited discourse happening on the forums, but is it even the same Customer Service department as the MMOs? I guess I see Ignasis out of the Oslo office, and Hugo from I don’t know which office, and the CMs. Not enough posting going on for me to think the MMO support would have gotten so bad.

Funcom Customer Services covers all of the titles, not just MMOs. If you look at the Conan Exiles forum, there’s a support section for them there. At the time it got really bad, there had been a big uptick in PS4 accounts as it’d been on offer, and there were LOTS of exiles problems being reported. They were also pushing the AO legacy server live and had lots of different offers going on that people were having issues with.

They even posted about how basically they were rushed off their feet A Note from the CS Manager.


Yeah, as I said I did see a couple names on dev-tracker in the CE forums related to support, who are also posting somewhat regularly. Most support seems to come from players, as per usual.

But I had still thought most Funcom Games had no official customer support. I’m fairly sure in the past Funcom has said the NC Customer Service team only worked on the MMOs.

Sure would be nice to know officially how big the team actually was, and what games they actually supported. That would help keep us from mostly just speculating.

The problem is that it’d just turn the speculating into “OMG they’ve got X people working on CS…” and claims that there should be more/less people, that they clearly aren’t actually doing any work etc. Giving out more information often just means people complain about different things, not that they stop complaining!

A lot of the CS activities aren’t going to be on the forums. It’s dealing with the different tickets and sorting the problems out that will make up most of their work load. It’s a tricky thing to balance their social media/forum presence (which is a massive time sink) and actually fixing the different problems. They don’t need everyone in CS to be on the forums, it’s often just one or two people who keep tabs on that and are able to flag up stuff to be fixed by other team members. I can’t say for sure that’s what Funcom does, but it’s pretty standard practice.

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