Will there be a easier way for players to download the mods for my server on release?

I was wondering if Funcom was making an easier way to have players that join a random server to download the mods they have on it?
For instance, if they were to join my server and I have a few mods would it automatically download them on their side instead of getting that stupid message “can’t connect cause server has mods… blah blah”???
I really hope so. Cause mods would make the game even better.



and we can’t get them to respond or address the issue directly.

What gets me is that they allow, even support, modding, yet they do nothing to control it, so for many the mod process is a royal pain in the butt.

It is very possible to set up a system hat would seamlessly automate it, but no one with any authority seems to think it is in any way important, not even to comment on the many times it gets raised as a topic.

Our server lost almost every new player we drew in because mnods were sucha pain in the butt.

If Funcom is not going to support mods, why allow then at all?

I agree. I would love to see them have a system that makes the mods easier for the players to connect to the server that has mods.

For example Ark… Ark has a system that when you look up a random server you go and try and connect the mods will automatically download for you on your end. This makes getting NEW players to your modded server HARD because once someone tries to connect to the server it tells them that message and there is NO WAY to get ANY info about the server so they can find what mods they need to download BUT then again who wants to do all that? People just want to press play and that’s that.

So I HOPE they are making a NEW system. It would be a GREAT thing if they do.


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I don’t see a system happening like other games where if you join a server, that it downloads the needed mods and puts them in the right order.

The reason being is how much control the mods are given. If I remember correctly they can modify anything in the game that isn’t in the base C+ stuff. The devkit given is damn near the same thing the developers use themselves to add content.

So with that much control means the game has to be launched with the mods before connecting to the server.

What I would like to see happen is a Modloader created like Oblivion, Fallout 3, and I assume Skyrim and Fallout 4 had where it loads the mods for you and in the proper order. I think this should be simple as all the program would need to do is edit the modlist.txt file then launch the game.

For server admins, what I’ve noticed many do is compile mods into packs and upload them to the workshop titled after their server. This way the mods are loaded in the order and such and are easy for the player to find. This appears to be the best way to go in the near future. That is until Funcom makes a server browser client that launches the game after you select the server and connects to it.


A bit late, but I still think it is very important to keep matters such as these at the attention of the Conan Community and the Devs.

It is really a shame, we opened a server for our gaming community and, as stated above, it’s too damn hard to get mods situated for new players. I tried to make it easier with a “suite” of sorts to show new comers how and what they need to join, but alas, our server still remains inactive save for a few.

The mods we run are such that in most of the community’s eyes, are crucial to gameplay, but I’m considering it might be worth to drop the mods in exchange for a more active playerbase.

I think if a text of choice was allowed to show up in the serverbrowser, this might already help with the issue of private server with mods to loose all their playerbase. However, this is a problem caused by using mods. Not by Funcom or anyone else.

And you are exactly correct, sadly. It IS an issue with the mods.

All we can do is hope, though, that Funcom might seriously consider implementing such a feature.