Will there be an Easter Event?

Will there be an Easter Event like the Halloween and Christmas events?
Maybe a mutated Easter Rabbit…?
I’d really like to get bunny ears and tail for my girl :slight_smile:

The stand in might have been the Equinox event, but it would be nice.

Historically there hasn’t been an Easter themed event:

There already is a Bunny suit in the game via the Dressing Room
“Leotard with bunny tail” (700 :aurum:)
"Bunny ear headband (250 :aurum:)

But a secret world Easter event, hmm…
for same reason that gets me thinking of Filth with Bunny ears
filthy eggs and “Filthytihopety” springs to mind XD

Not exactly the Easter kind of bunny, those.


Excessive Rosenbrawling in Usagi masks over Sunday/Monday 21/22 April.


Oh a Fur suit, like the Killer Chipmunk? XD
there are one “rabbit suit” in game but not available to players i believe.

No, not that kind of bunny, either.
Basically, get your mind into the gutter :wink:

Who would have thought!

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Where is this info coming from? And more importantly where are the npcs at? Would like to see what you can get

My post? It was a joke, I tried to make it as obvious as possible without using a disclaimer. Some came up with ideas for events so I did too. :slight_smile: Personally, I would find a egg hunt quite amusing.

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[Summary] The Streaming Ones April 6th, (Devstream)

  • There are so many Easter-eggs hidden in the new content, they are not sure they remember all

I think you just described how to activate a custodian in Fusang (except with jumping only).

And I would 100% be down for that kind of event.

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