Will there be any new character customization added to the game?

I am just curious if customization will ever be expanded, I know lots of people want more beards, more sliders, hairs, true flat chests for females, ect ect.

Have the devs commented on this?

There are extra eye colours / types for character customization that have been sitting in the admin panel since Isle of Siptah’s release, they’re just not live.

They will… but devs said (stream) for now its just gonna break to many things, so, not near future. maybe someday.

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Specifically at timestamp 1:11:38 in the devstream youtube. To clarify, it would cause problems for modders, not funcom.

i believe to funcom to, this is about armor, animations and other interactions
for ex. tall characters STILL cant go through the elevator door without crouching…
imagine what gonna happen with fat characters

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