Will there be more land mass added to exiled lands or isle of sipath in future updates?

Or will there be another new kind of map with a whole different backstory? I prefer this …

No to Exile Lands, that’s been long, long, discussed. About 500 threads on the matter.

Not anytime soon, if ever, it sounds like for Siptah, per recent comments from the dev team (I forget where, there were a lot of interviews and Dev streams recently).

New map? Maybe someday, but absolutely zero indication of what, or if. So nothing to report there.


thank you sherlock holmes

This is what a lot of player want, so I guess not…

Trolling aside, I wish for better AI

Got pretty pissed yesterday… my thralls kept locking themselves up in the same boulder formation… orders didn’t do a think they just keep getting stuck on the same damn place

Sherlock Holmes?
He IS Sherlock Holmes compared to you who can’t even use the search function or just scroll down a bit.

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I used it… it hurts!

Everyone knows you were serious. And that is a bigger problem.

Referring to someone as Sherlock Holmes as a sarcastic insult is very common. (See also: Einstein, brainiac, smart guy.)

Also a safe assumption apparently, given how freely you seem to toss other insults around.


It’s not a question of volume so much as the speed with which you go on the attack and then hold onto it like some weird vendetta. Over a misunderstanding.

And maybe you shouldn’t assume everyone uses whatever your first language is where it doesn’t easily come across as sarcastic. You’re demanding a level of consideration here that you’re not affording to others.

I don’t know how much experience you have communicating with people outside your language, but these kinds of misunderstandings can be fairly common. At some point you’re going to have to grow up and realize that repeatedly calling the other person an idiot isn’t the proper way to deal with them.

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lol, your brain hurts from using it?

hehe you’re getting all mad, but what do you expect from loser named rolee9309 whos likes to “rape,pillage,burn” lmao

This isn’t the prison yard; you don’t need to take somebody down to look tough.

Grow up, kid.

you been to prison? Who’s taking anyone down? He’s responding to me and I’m replying back to him.

Thread has been thoroughly derailed by this pissing match. Why not take it dm’s.



Ehh, why did I start this…

you usually start arguments with people, lol it makes you a tough guy, Mr.rape, pillage,burn? lmao

I never said you did I merely suggested that it would be better in dm. I don’t care tho it’s entertaining :man_shrugging:

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