Will this emergency ps4 patch fix purges also?

The title explains it pretty much 100% but I will go on, apparently at the moment there is issues with logging into official servers on ps4 and I have just seen that the Conan Team are working with Sony to get a “emergency patch” released to fix the connectivity issues. But will this patch also fix the ridiculous purge issue that’s plaguing ps4 servers, solo/co-op were when you get a purge. The majority of Enemies will teleport into your base? This issue if you ask me is an emergency as well because just think if it’s a 3skulled boss like Rockslide Teleporting into your base it’s game over and tbh it’s a no brainer that this should be one of the devs main priority (atleast I hope)

i feel your pain regarding the Purge issue, as I experienced it last week.

However, the current outage seems to be an unanticipated technical issue, and fixing this issue is probably the primary focus.
I would expect the Purge issue, and other things that have been reported to be addressed in a proper patch in the future.

To be frank, previous patches have brought in their own list of issues.
So, in this case I think it is probably best for them to stay focused on the most critical issue, which is getting service restored.

True so they should just disable the purge the now then as a temporary fix atleast but you never know it may be fixed with this emergency patch but we can only wait and see.

As much as the purge issue sucks its not an immediate issue.

People can not get in the game at all thats all the emergency patch should be fixing.

If you ask me it is because 90% of enimes tp into your base and destroy all your hard-earned work if that’s not a immediate issue then ■■■■ me lmao and yes I understand nobody can play right now that is totally understandable but they should also try and fix this. the purge and log in issues should be the 2 main priorities right now for ps4

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Also if I may add the purge issue is stopping players from playing just as this connectivity issue is stopping people playing. Just think all defences are useless so what’s the point in playing if your gonna need to take 4 day breaks every 2 days.

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And to justify my reasoning further, 1. You can’t log in 2. When you can log in your going to get a purge that just tps into you base and destroy’s your progress anyway if it’s rockslide or some other powerful 3skulled boss 3. Why does it matter either way not like the decay timer will make a difference if purge is going to massacre people’s stuff anyway.

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I’d like to add hope I didn’t sound like a douche but I do hope all players can get on to save there stuff. Because this is terrible but my arguments was ment they could kill 2 birds with the one stone but regardless hope this fix comes asap

What you need to understand is that there are bugs and other gameplay issues introduced with nearly every patch.

If this update is not laser focused on addresing the issue which is preventing people from logging into servers, the potential for unanticipated issues increases.

There are many issues a lot of players would like to see addressed.
One issue that everyone probably agrees on is that not being able to access the game at all is bad.

Fixing this without breaking anything should be the only goal of this patch.

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Purge Teleporting is really just do to tether. It needs some adjustments. Players can pin point the red X, and adjust there plans and thrall placement.

I wouldn’t consider it a priority over getting people back on.

I just want the ps4 patch to fix the problem stopping me from playing at all right now… I’ll take the small win.

Considering it’s now been what like 2 days now? Yeah it is rather more important they get players back online. And to answer Sera67. The tether is extremely bad. And here an example why. You build a 10x10 sqaure foundations on the ground. Walls around that 10x10 house. It’s just a big sqaure in the wide open space. Purge can attack from all angles. The thralls around the entire house. And get this they still teleport in so I’m going to say your wrong has nothing to do with what you say (right about the tether tho). I’m not 12 I’m an adult with a brain and I can 100% tell you it’s a bloody glitch and it needs fixed cause it makes all defences useless and to add all planing and adjustments go out the window because of this crap. @sera67

After many test, if you don’t want the purge teleporting inside your buildings, inside your walls, etc, simply don’t engage them before they engage your walls/thralls. That fixes the teleporting issue 100%. Let them be the ones that start the combat, don’t interrupt them before they do.

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That’s not a fix, it’s a crap solution to the real problem at hand that really really needs a fix why should I let enimes attack my base first makes no sense hence why I said the purge is completely broken. But thank you for letting me know guess I’ll need to just stay off for 4 days every 2days of playing because this crap isn’t worth it.

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A purge can’t occur if people are not logged in, ever. You need at least 1 person on for the purge to trigger. The fact that no one can log in means that the purge meter is actually decreasing instead of increasing, you loose around 5,000 purge meter points for every 24 hrs no one is online for the clan or solo players.

However, decay timer still running and not been able to log in means that some people may loose their builds if they don’t meet the requirements. I don’t know how long this problem has existed but if it is within the maximum decay timer the person have achieved then it’s fine. It’s must likely those who only log in to refresh their decay timer that should be affected.

First off, I never said it was a fix, I said after many test, the only way to prevent teleporting is to not interrupt the purge patting to their destination before they engage in combat. For all we know this is intended to prevent cheesing the purge, I don’t know, I didn’t code it, I just play what they give me and adjust to the changes.
Second, the notion that the purge is completely broken, that’s for you, because for me it’s not and I have continued to play normally and have done 9-10 purges after the update. As a fact, if anything, purges are easier, at least for me. As you control it 100%.

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that is interesting idea. I know on PVE one of the troll ways to destroy another players base was to cheese your purge to their base when they were offline, and watch it burn:) so this may have some merit.

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Yeah, an official reply about decay timers now that this has hit day 2 would be nice. My guess, and only a guess, is that when they do get this fixed, officials will be booted up from the last .db backup at as close to the original issue starting to pop up. Possibly 6-12 5 eastern time zone (normal server restarts) . thus this will make it seem like only a few hours have past, and not the close to 40 we are getting to.

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I’ve been purging like crazy and having fun cause of it. XD

It easy to find Red X, Set it up so its protect and locked in… wait for enemies to teleport to it and poison arrow place and laugh like evil villain. XD

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Good idea :joy::joy::joy: I’m gonna do that u legend