Will we see a trailer for dune funcom game in November?

it makes sense because thats when the movie comes out with zendaya

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Do they have the license for the new movie IP as well? What is included in their license? Will we get a Butlerian Jihad DLC? Will there be Honored Matres? Mentats? Or is it focused on being the young Lord of some Noble House who gets stranded on Arrakis and needs to learn to survive as an adopted Fremen?

In theory, we should be able to craft the evolution paths for pretty much any of the different major groups, with access to The Spice. Although it might not be practical to evolve into a Guild Navigator or a Tleilaxu Vat Clone. Maybe something halfway there?

I’m looking forward to the game overriding whatever eye color I choose once I’ve dabbled in spice enough.

They aren’t going to promise we can make a character who has all the abilities of Norma Cenva and then regretfully inform us they just couldn’t find a way to balance it in-game, right?

no clue but it would be similar to conan exiles… I hope there is nudity

Sounds like someone’s gonna play as one of the Honored Matres then.

The new release date is October for the movie.
I am not sure if Timothée Chalamet’s monotone raspy voice will enthrall me or get on my last nerve.
I think most of the other casting is awesome.

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