Wine cellar creatures attacking each other

The skeletons in the wine cellar were shooting and attacking the undead shaleback boss, kinda hard to see with it being so dark.


It’s a general bug.
We had it a while ago and they fixed it.

It is indeed back.

Tigers attacking elephants, rocknoses attacking spiders, NPC’s attacking spiders, crocs attacking NPC’s …

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I never, and still don’t know that a monstrous sabretooth oneshotting or a group of 4-5 standard sabretooths g_ngb_nging a deer is intended or not.

This is happening in the open world too. It seems any NPC that is not like another will attack the other now.

So far thats the only one I’ve caught. Grab a snap or a video and make a post. Lets get it sorted :smiley:

It should be part of the patch that is now on testlive.

It doesn’t say “fixed every hate list”. Report which ones you’re encountering so they know about it. :slight_smile:

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I have

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Hey there

Thanks for the heads-up, it’s been forwarded to our team so they can keep working on ironing out remaining issues with world NPCs.


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