Wine Cellar Dungeon Thag's floor is magic attack sequence is partially misaligned and will ensure you will be hit at least once by it regardless of whether you are in the safe zone or threat zone

Game mode: Online private | Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: U.S.
Mods?:No ]
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Thag in the Wine Cellar Dungeon, Thag’s special ground attacks are misaligned
with the radial ground attack zone lighting. The centric rings function normally, the other is a gamble. I can stand where it’s lit up and not get attacked. I can stand where it isn’t lit up and get hit. It is not consistent though and impossible to strategize around.

Steps to Reproduce:

Step 1
Fight Thag until he moves to the center of the room and starts the ground bash and floor is magic attack.
Step 2
Try to avoid damage by standing where it doesn’t light up.
Step 3
If you get hit when you’re standing in the safe zone try standing in the danger zone
Step 4.
See there is no longer any consistent pattern that works and realize the attack phase is a gamble and not about dodging or avoiding the attacks as intended. You will be hit during one of the dividing rays sequence unless you are extremely lucky.

I’ll gladly provide a video to better illustrate the issue if my terminology for Thag’s attacks are not clear.

It may be caused by desync / lag. I suggest go full vitality with 5th perk so one can easily outheal it.
The only way to fix it would be to make it CLIENT SIDED so if you didn’t seen light touch you it didn’t touch you unlike SERVER SIDED when it didn’t touch you when server thinks it didn’t… The only downsides of this would be that someone could cheat / disable it but i doubt anybody would bother to do it. Also playing this dungeon with group of people could make a bit confusion as both of people could see different patter of lights but this could be avoided if coded well.

it would happen single player though, just fought him again to get a clip of it and instead of the bug occurring just some other moonwalking shenanigans occurred but not the bug I wanted to report, typical: Conan Exiles Thag - YouTube.

Nevermind this video shows what I’m reporting plus much more odd behavior for Thag. First Radial safety zone got me hit. Conan Exiles Thag is having an off day - YouTube

Yeah I’ve seen some really bad server Wine Cellar Dungeon connectivity lag, not a point to complain about it. Heavy armor and one good thrall, good healing and some of the rare Thag drops made possible there. Single Player though which is shown in the second video Thag is having an off day. The bug reported is shown, “among other odd Thag boss room laugh track worthy spoofs”

Thansk for the detailed report and videos, @TotenMeister.
We’ve sent note to our team so they can look into this boss and increase the reliability of its aThags.

When You are at it, check witch queen dungeon, it’s same story.

Thank you, not sure if it helps but I think this started happening around the 2.4 or earlier, it’s not specifically related to 2.5 in any way

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Thank you for that extra bit. That will help us narrow down which possible change(s) are interfering with this and maybe other bosses.

Oh, is she more of a dancing Queen now as well. At least you don’t have to travel through a winding dungeon to try again with her and fighting her and winning once is really more than would be necessary. No crazy weapon drops or randomized plans there unlike Thag and the Khari

Yeah, that’s true but it does not mean it shouldn’t be fixed as well.

fair enough give a video of her stunning performance, I’m sure it explains more than words can included with a bug report if you haven’t already.