Wine Cellar Dungeon Thoughts

The new dungeon is the best one yet. It’s haunting. It’s mysterious. And the end boss is outstanding. His design is sick! And the mechanics involved are really interesting.

I also like the Witchfire torches around the dungeon, and the Witchfire braziers near the end. I remember asking if we could have different variations of Witchfire torches because the regular torches have braziers, torches, etc. Was this inspired by that? @Tascha

The weapons you get from this instance is masterwork. The designs are absolutely terrific, especially the Great Axe and Mace you get from the end boss, even if I think the Great Axe has some issues. I’m going to use it more now because of how it looks.
The new outfits are pretty good too.

But that’s all for this one, folks.

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How often did you make this dungeon? I am now at 6 runs, no weapon from endboss…

The medium armor, or lets say the helmet is… Crafted it and it looks just… WTF. But it has a nose protection :smiley:

Dungeon is nice… Torches bug way to often (do not ignite) and that one Khari chest inside a building…

Also that this Khari chests kinda behave like Relic fragments, make it worse to farm for Khari steel on high populated servers…

Edit: Also sometimes the dungeon is way darker then other times. Especially at the one Mini-boss on the remote island with the Relic fragments.
Hardest mini-/boss is the skeleton with the 2h sword… His overhad chop 1hits me. His swings are also insane.

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No luck here, either, although I’ve been down there only four times. Got all recipes, though.

And yeah, those minibosses are more dangerous than the final boss. I’ve also noticed the change in lighting - sometimes I can almost see without a light source, other times no chance.

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I spawned a bunch of Thags in singleplayer and it seems the drop rate for a weapon is about 15-20% chance.

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I spawned in the Khari armors through admin mode on single player.

Really liking the medium Khari armor for mix n’ match so far. The top and bracers look great with a lot of different leg pieces, and the stats boosted by them are both useful as well.

The skeletal mid-bosses are surprisingly deadly, and the final boss’ attack pattern really had me sweating my first time thru. Glad my follower didn’t lose aggro on Thag, or I’d have been done for!

Probably my new favorite dungeon in the game. :slight_smile:

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