Wipe of all official pvp servers

I was playing on latam official pvp when they lost their data wiping the server so everyone had to start over and it was honestly the most fun I’ve had on official pvp .I think that if every three months or so they wiped all pvp servers it would not only be more fun be it would help with undermeshing and other exploits


In Early Access phase there were such servers. Call “Blitz-servers” or sth like that.

Funcom said in previous streams, if enough people want such servers, they will maybe bring some back and see how many will play on it.


I would love that

I have to disagree; the reason why Blitzz servers were removed was due to the very small amount of players who actually played on them.

I like to have a consistent world; since as a casual solo player I build Very Very slowly, and I would hate to see all the hard work I put in get deleted every few months. This is the main reason I don’t play private servers, I put in a lot of work just to get it poofed away.

This would only be an advantage to large clans, who have the numbers to harvest and build up quickly again.

si estaria bueno que se reinicie todo a cero

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Thats true definitely wouldn’t be fun for solo players.

That would be amazing ! I 100% agree with that :+1::+1::+1:

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And mostly for PvP, because what sense does it make for PvE… Normaly the decay removes structures from people anyway, if they dont play for a certain amount of time.

But yeah, never ALL servers. Just some are Blitzz.

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