Wish list: Crom Lets talk about it!

Crom Lets talk about it!

Spartan kick

Mitra Ankh dual purpose Truncheon

Gaseous Orb and Torch

Gaseous Orb and Torch #2

Yog Cleaver rework

Thrall Naming

Vault Problem needs rework

Conan Exiles wish list: Needs Reinforced Chest

running Server Time

Yog Tier 2 Shrine serrated bone arrows

reinforced window frames

Derelict building pieces

warpain Back- Hand rework

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Yes the vault is a problem on all pvp server

its a Big Problem… they really need to add a three tier system. Cheat, Safes, Vaults. and change up the values of each… like cheats 25k, hardened chest 50k hp, safe100khp, vault 200k hp, I talk about it more in-depth in my video.

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