Wish You Were Here, or, how to keep occupied while playing The Dream Palace

There are always parallels, Chuck. Whatever you do, just listen to Pink Floyd and it’ll all make sense.

So it takes a while to really get into the story. Kinda like how “Shine on you crazy diamond” is a long instrumental, as John enters the Fear Nothing foundation, and Che gets him progressively drunker.

Welcome to the machine. John and Che enter the A/V room. Che’s doing it with two girls. Pink Floyd is singing about all the benefits of being a big rockstar. But then back home and the walls fade away. Lilith is attacking us with screaming skulls. What did you dream? It’s alright, we told you what to dream.

We call it riding the gravy train… I have boarded the subway. John is exploding in black delicious Pathogenic gravy. We’re so happy we can hardly count. Everybody else just breaaaaaathe.

Back in my apartment, pre-bee. Wish you were here. We’re just two lost souls watching my life unroll… So you think you can tell heaven from hell? Time to fight beaumont. And Akhenaten. And Mara. Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? Ah yes, the part where John implies that you’ve been dreaming the entire time… and the music fades out.

John wants to watch Lilith cut your legs off, set to the tune of Shine on you Crazy Diamond again. The original Crazy Diamond right there. John’s forgotten all about dreaming, he knows she’s real.

It’s nice that the mission is almost 10 minutes shorter than the album though. Eesh still quite a long mission.


I think my to time on it is 26:17…
and there is not much you can do to make it faster since it is pretty much one big cutscene that sometimes lets you act a little in it. 95% still is just running waiting for triggers or just standing around.
Always was an eyesore for me to play…not story wise but how much a timesink it is compared to how it pays exactly the same as other story missions. And some of those are like 4 or less minutes or can be done on the side. Dusty Dark can be completed faster, given it needs one to really have the missions timewise optimized but once you have it down it can be done by a large margin.

But there is a little bonus at the end, around the orochi tower door. I let you explore, but if FC didn’t fix the problem, you’ll have a funny surprise :wink: