Wishlist for the year 2022

My 2022 wishlist, some of the wishes down here have been asked by me since ever, some could be summed up with “rust does it and it’s very succesful so why not conan exiles?”:

  • Claim system tied to a bench or a banner instead of every single building block, this will drastically reduce foundations spam, tie it with a carpenter thrall for slow self repair out of raid time and upkeep costs, this will benefit everyone because it will make possible for builders of different clans to build together(arenas for example) and the upkeep costs will make huge buildings not worth the effort

  • Make t1 palisade placeable in other people claims, like bombs

  • add spell-protected chests and doors (basically the code lock of rust but magic instead of electric, passphrase instead of number code, just like if it was a “spell”, so for staying in-lore)

  • “clustered hyborian map”, similar to ark, atlas or last oasis, the whole hyborian map divided among several servers and using the obelisks as a mean to teleport/export to the next map in the cluster (or maybe getting in touch with Improbable to use their SpatialOS technology for flawless/trasparent maps transition)

  • lockpicking skill, a minigame to pick locks, from doors and chests, like in fallout or scum

  • being able to ride other people horses/mounts (mounts of other clans) and ride away into the sunset

  • better cinematic ending, or at least a video like the intro

  • “materialize” thralls in benches when enemies are in the base during raid time, crafting thralls in benches should be able to defend themselfs/the base and not just be a graphical add-on to a bench

  • benches should align with/clip against walls and not go through them

  • merchant thralls for players, so that players could create their own shops (like rust vending machines)

Th-th-th-thaaath all folks. :slight_smile: Queue looney toons music.


Dagger light attack damage reduced.

Auto lock and auto facing disabled on official pvp

Transferring items between Siptah and Exile lands disabled on official pvp

Door and Gate HP tripled

Devs to play their own game on official pvp servers

Because Conan Exiles is not Rust and should not try to be Rust. :roll_eyes:

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If you want to play pervert minecraft it’s up to you.
You can try and provoke me all you want, I bought the game day 1 of early acces and have 8k hours.
I’ve been here since Mayhem servers. I was here before climbing. I was here before the combat system. I was here when they waited 4 months to fix the teleport-through-walls-while-climbing-and-reconnecting-to-server exploit, and it toke a bunch of us twitch streamers to tell the world because they wouldn’t fix it, to get it finally fixed once for all.
Getting this kind of comment from a noob really got me riled up. I’m not judging you, but either give constructive feedback or watch your mouth.
You can’t deny that in the survival pvp genre rust is the best at what it does and how it does it. Unless you’re one of those degenerates that threat games as real life, that build huge fancy castles in pvp games and then cries when raided, but in real life would never help a person getting mugged, but would go far and beyond to shame and prosecute people who abused exploits left in the game by devs for whatever reason.
The game wasn’t like this during early access. And it went down because of degenerates role players. And with “degenerates” i mean those “talk to me before attacking or i’ll get you banned” type of pvp roleplayers.

I’ll calmy wait my yearly timeout/suspension/ban.

Signed by your friendly neighborhood anarchist barbarian.

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The last 2 yes, the first 3 absolutely not.

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That was constructive feedback. If I wanted to play Rust, I would be playing Rust. But I’m playing Conan Exiles instead and that should tell you that I’m not interested in Rusty Conan.

Then let Rust do what Rust does best and let Conan Exiles do what Conan Exiles does best. Trying to turn one game into the other just makes it a cheap copy nobody really wants.

I can’t. I’m on linux. First of all.
Second of all i really hope you are not one of those “don’t play officials play privates”, and “officials need the police, let’s make a bunch a rules, immaterial construct of hairless monkeys, that nobody will ever follow because the devs implemented an ass of a claiming system and in a anarchy barbaric setting and lore we need the game to be policed”.
And i say this from the point of your avatar police woman. Damn borguois.

Ah and thirth of all I made a comparing. You made empty rethoric.


So what I’m getting here is that you want to play Rust, but Rust doesn’t work on Linux, so lets turn a game that does work on Linux into Rust.

Only if CE copy every mechanic from Rust. A couple of them not ruin the game.

I don’t know about Glurin, but this is what I want to play. That’s why I’m less than enthusiastic about trying to turn the game into something else.

Just because one game does something very well doesn’t necessarily mean that copy-pasting the same mechanics into another game would work equally well in an entirely different context.

You can’t deny that in the survival pvp genre rust is the best at what it does and how it does it.

I wouldn’t know, I haven’t played Rust. But since you’ve played 8k hours of Conan Exiles and, according to your own words, don’t play Rust either - what sort of experience with Rust do you have that makes you so convinced of its superiority that you’d be willing to import its features into Conan Exiles, too?

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I just want AI to work, because the AI in Conan is worse than in a average MMO. They have a thick skull with a very tiny brain that can hardly execute basic combat.

More barbarian armour, seen enough new armours that have ugly bones sticking out or covered in metal (or w/e other material). A barbarian is tough, doesn’t need so much armour. I wan’t to see more blood and skin.

A new map would be nice with a lot of biomes, I wonder why Ark can do it without too much complaints from its community and Conan can’t. I love both Exiled Lands and Siptah but I’m afraid this is the last map we get…? I’m also okay with map expansions as well but as stated before this wasn’t possible.

Weather, I like seasonal weather, rainy stormy, snowy. But not only snow, snowstorms would also be nice. I would love to see armours that matters in this case… like in a snowstorm you need more cold protection. Or during a volcano eruption you need more heat protection. If so, food will have a meaning again.

I agree that Conan should not try to be Rust, but copying some mechanics of other survival games isn’t bad. If people really enjoy the mechanic and it fits in your game as well I would 100% copy it in some way. Take for example Apex Legends. It’s not a survival game but still. They introduced the reboot system to battle royale games and every other game copied it later because people enjoyed it.

In Rust people really like the “shop” system. So why don’t make something like a vendor thrall in Conan? It fits the scene and people enjoy the mechanic in other games.

I would personally really like this mechanic, because Conan is such a grind already. For example if you found like 5 red mother torches but want the red mother bow and someone has it for you and wants to trade. To me that sounds great.

I don’t know what other people think of this but I don’t think it’s bad to copy mechanics from other games if your game benefits from it.


AI in Conan is very tough. Recently, I fought a dragon. The fight was very challenging (I fought without my mount) I’m attack and successful dodge his hits… too successful that he just flee

I’m not disagreeing with you, a lot of work still needs to be done, but a lot has been done since AE.

The AI is getting better, when the northern Biome was introduced you could cheese the AI to the point of ridiculousness. Now it’s much more difficult.

Same with weather, you could climb the ice flow naked. now you need to wear the proper gear.
Rain and snow are starting to pop up and weather changes over time, none of that was in EA.

I was in my base yesterday and a cold front made the characters breath visible, I had to light a fire to bring the temperature up.

100% agree on the more Barbarian esque armours

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AI maybe not perfect, but devs working on it and it’s visible. Changes of weather I’m not notice at least for now. In Tropical/Jungle biome always endless raining. And it always start/stop at the same time when you enter or leave area. At least it’s not raining already inside your base.

Same as for thralls, they just stand dead afk let me do all the work and takes too many pause while he/shes at it.

The mobs stand so close while attacking you, for example getting stuck in the rhino’s head, or the dragons that stand so close to you your character get stuck in floating animation, same as for the rocknoses its crazy. Along with a lot of stagger swagger :confused:

True the pathing has improved :slight_smile:

Yeah nude was immersion breaking, but now you can even survive in darfari skin armour in the snow :confused:
Don’t get me wrong it should always have better cold protection than nude, but at this time it doesn’t really matter what you wear.

It might be a bigger issue with epic armours, I never wear normal armours.

Yeah this is a huge improvement!

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