Witch Doctor Feat

Maybe only role-players will care about this but why isn’t there any skeleton archers available in the Witch Doctor Feat? I really liked an idea someone gave me to replace my dead thralls with skeletons but it kind of doesn’t make sense to replace my archers with a sword wielding skeleton.


I felt a little dumbfounded when I realized the lava didn’t kill thralls anymore lmao :rofl:

The tamed animals drop corpses, why can’t I throw that and a few other ingredients into my bench and bring Samson (A tiger I had before the thrall lvl system was out) back to undead life???

Please don’t, unless they come with:

  1. a guarantee that the pathfinding algorithm isn’t going to make my followers run through lava through no fault of my own, or
  2. a game mechanic that allows me to resurrect fallen followers (at a cost, of course)

I understand the whole “this is a survival game and it should be hard” logic and I agree with it, but not if the hardship comes from bugs rather than features. “Please either perfect the pathfinding or disable lava damage for followers” has been my mantra for a long time. It’s not my fault they chose the latter, but I’m sure as hell not going to stay silent when I see “bring lava deaths back” :man_shrugging:

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