Witch hunt thoughts

A huge disappointment once again. Could Funcom please create some actual content to these events? The loot is ridiculously underwhelming compared to the amount of work but that’s nothing new. Around 20 coins for a magi skull, really? Some volcano rags and basic Siptah loot, low level weapons and useless trash. Why would you add completely pointless strain to your already poorly running game, that i don’t understand. If these event had some proper gear, something exclusive, then i’d get why they exist. But them being as they are, pointless.

You are aware of what you can purchase with those coins, right?

15 for a legendary weapons or black blood tool…guaranteed and not randomized . You need the bbest skinning knife in the game? Head over to the Flotsam area of the map, turn in that one skull and get the best skinning knife in the game.

50 gets you a random t4 fighter or crafter…no need for a wheel, it’s ready to place immediately.

5 get you supplies that would have taken a heck of a lot longer to craft.

Heck you can even buy up an armor that is completely new.

I guess I’m trying to figure out, what, precisely, was your expectations for this?

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