Witch Queen Dungeon bugs

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Crash and bug

I entered the dungeon for the Witch Queen, but before I actually moved enough to trigger anything I opened my inventory.
Game crashed, described as fatal error.
Relaunched the game and it put me right outside the dungeon.
Walked back in, noticed the statues were gone. What’s this? The Witch Queen is missing too! But she is speaking. Still trying to activate her guards repeatedly.
The lasers continue to go off through the entire event.
She says her “final words” that signal she is coming to fight one on one, doing so finally stops the laser beams, but she is still missing.
Can’t proceed nor go back as the entrance is blocked. Basically softlocked. Could remove the bracelet but then I would lose everything.

This might be rather difficult to replicate.

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You could remove the bracelet and run back to recover your stuff. That might reset the encounter as well.

It’s a risk, but I don’t see any alternatives unless you’re in single player or on a private server with a good admin to help you out.

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Hey there @BAla

Thanks for your feedback. We’ve heard some reports in the past mentioning similar issues regarding that encounter. We’ll send your information to our team and they’ll look into it.

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I hope this isn’t too late but seeing as you are playing single player. Go into your admin settings and turn off the option that drops loot on death. Then remove bracelet. No risk of losing everything.


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