Witch queen mask

I have fought her twice and still didn’t get the mask I thought it was part of the bracelet remove things

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Tyres 3 more times

You get the witch queens crown from defeating the boss in skelos well

All you get from the queen is a key to her room and you click on her throne to learn level 60 recipes

No, you get the Shining Trapezohedron from killing the Serpent-man boss through the Well of Skelos. The Mask of the Witch Queen is gained by defeating the Witch-Queen.

Have you spoken to the Archivist yet? On a new reroll, I found I first had to speak to him to get some of the artefacts to drop.

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Tyres it didn’t work either have best her 7 times notta

It’s gotta be bug. I first killed her at like, level 22 but only once. I’m not level 45 and have been farming her. Got 15 keys and still no mask has dropped. She’s gotta be bugged. :thinking: