Witchfire torches cooling effect is missing



Game mode: All
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: US

Standing and wall torches are supposed to raise temperature around them; glowing goop and witchfire standing and wall torches are supposed to lower temperature. You can see the code for this in DevKit. Witchfire torches are missing the necessary block of code.

(So are Radium torches, but that may be on purpose?)

  1. Open DevKit.
  2. Navigate to Items > Placeables.
  3. Find and open the Blueprints for all eight of the standing and wall torch types, and look for an EnergySource component.
  4. Observe that the EnergySource component is missing from both Witchfire torches.

Separate confirmation:

  1. In game, place a regular standing torch, a glowing goop standing torch, a witchfire standing torch, and a radium standing torch anywhere away from other heat sources, far enough apart that their heat effects don’t overlap.
  2. Stand right on top of each one, in turn, and watch your temperature gauge.
  3. The temperature gauge will go up next to the regular torch, down next to the glowing goop torch, and won’t move at all next to the other two.


I’m definitely wondering what’s up with this, as I too tested witchfire torches only to find out they aren’t quite working as intended… after investuing into the feats and making near a hundred of them, wondering why they weren’t cooling down my jungle abode. :frowning:


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