With Obsidian nerfed, what should the target be now?

Prior to the patch I was trying to work my way towards Obsidian, as people were saying it was the top tier items at the time all-around.

I seen people saying Obsidian was nerfed somehow and that it’s no longer worth it?

If this is actually the case, what is recommended to work towards for end-game at the moment?

Ignore them, obsidian is still the best too for the job (except star metal skinning knives).

It now takes more time to get obsidian,since you have to run steel bars and raw obsidian to the forge in the volcano to make composite obsidian bars, which is then used in making the tools and weapons.

Anyone with a shred of knowledge knew that a change like this was coming, it made no sense to have obsidian left in raw form. Time invested is similar to star metal.

Once you go black ice you never go back. Ice.

Upmodded steel FTW in the bark/dry wood race.

Yes, everyone knew it was coming and expected to be able to make that composite obsidian in their own furnace. Now you have to run to the volcano with steel bars and sit there for an hour while it cooks a few stacks. You harvest and run through your stacks of steel within half an hour, then get to run back to the volcano for more.

If you actually make the calculation with time in mind(though this probably depends on serversettings, yours may be set to fast craft) then yes, Hardened steel is now the better option.

Flawless Obsidian weapons are weaker than normal legacy obsidian weapons, but have more durability.

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Yeah they made a mess of by creating a time sink that has no justification and mat cost on repairs that pretty well eat up times in a grind you really did not need. if you are willing to throw an hour of game time away having to gather it might be your thing doing that each log in.

No, obsidian pick with tool mod, dead trees in the den, one run 8500-9k park in 15 mins.

I’m quite happy with the way of creating Obsidian. It fits the lore of the game and adds a bit of risk ( small ).

As other posters have said there are easier options ( hardened steel ) for those that way inclined.

Do you play on an official server?

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