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Hello. It is possible that Funcom makes a super dungeon so difficult and with a gigantic boss at the end. A dungeon so difficult that you will have to be well prepared. That not even with a clan of 5 people you can go quietly but the reward is satisfactory, glorious and abundant. An epic and emotional end to the life of your character, your favorite barbarian, rather explained a prophecy that would come to the game. a prophecy that attracts players like bees to honey. I’m talking about a treasure that is unattainable for a mere mortal, eternal life, peace, Valhalla or the heavens. Of course, those who decide to continue on earth have their reward. If you have it in mind you can delete this post to make it a surprise for everyone, that way it is more incredible.

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This is how I imagine the premiere of a prophecy.

For example, one of the 7 dungeon commanders. To give another example, the warehouse manager in the warehouse is like a simple lackey. and he earns money for dungeon-exclusive armor, weapons or cosmetics, furniture made from the skin of each boss, and precious metals. or a paid dungeon, I don’t know how other players would view this decision positively or negatively.

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More comanders.

I would also like to see biomes of fire, ice, water, storms, swamps, forests and deserts. All the biomes we learned by surviving in the game. The final boss biome is a constellation of colorful stars and clouds due to the action of the shining stars. and in the middle a mountain and the supreme leader holding his weight on the mountain in a nighttime environment as if the mountain crossed into outer space.

If you’re going to do this project, add a giant flaming black bones skeleton, can’t you see how cool that looks? Before they believed that the earth was flat and had an end. that’s where the title of the project comes from. The dungeon needs the blood or trophy of the tower founders who sealed the dungeon. the statues at the rear at the bottom of the tower. fish man, wolf, spider, etc.

Will summon minions similar to each boss + 10% t4 legendary weapons. I imagine the attacks and mechanics of each boss. The giant vampire in a fight against him in an earth cave corridor launches attacks quickly and with great fury towards the earth platform that invokes tremors and collapses that will hit us and try to put their fauses or eat us quickly and aggressively. The movements will be scary. Only by showing his fangs in the dirt passage will we be able to attack melee. The snake man lashes out with his arms and spits venom. The fire skeleton has a fire sword and his special attack shoots fire projectiles almost like arrows from his crown. With his sword he will try to cut off our legs and we must jump. If an attack hits you your life will be reduced by 90%, his T4 weapon causes sunstroke. We will fight on platforms and bosses in a place that causes damage if you step on it. In this case, the ground is made up of lava, other poisons and other toxic gases. The giant ice woman throws ice spikes like javelins, and if you’re too close, she deals freezing damage as she hits surfaces. Her only weakness is her heart, that breaking the ice with arrows and being exposed with a single arrow will be enough to kill her and see Atali collapse. Her t4 weapon, when wielded, provides extreme freezing.

Hello, is it impossible to do this? There is a lot of work? Are there no hands to do this? Is it too difficult to implement that in the game? Or is there hope…? @AndyB @den @Spynosaur_Nicole. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I would like to get a scythe as a legendary t4 weapon. Remember that if he dies with a t4 weapon in your inventory it will disappear. + negative states when wielding. House of will1 ideas about the game

What greater reward than living close to your god (crom). The final boss of the dungeon hates life and life will be the end of him. Do not add humans as enemies to the project. skeletons of henchmen with shield and weapons. legions of soldiers with their 3-skull leader against you. Giants or primordial celestial beings have a lifespan of 10,000 HP. except for Atali with 1/1 health due to her ice armor and her mechanic of shooting the heart protected by a layer of ice. names of the 7 primordial kings: the stellar vampire Gonagort, the god king yig, Arzuth or giant skeleton zurth, the ice queen Atali, Ragnagard the empire of the seas, Azesul the primordial thunder and Garthiz the origin of the rock biome the desolation . monster of stone and tentacles, son of the other gods. Weapon description example t4: ice thunder an ice thunder created from the first ice age that existed before the creation of life. It is so cold that it does not melt and is not cured by any hot food. You just have to pray that it doesn’t kill you and stop the effect. Frozen area damage on hit deals 100 damage but gradually freezes you to death. @Ignasi @Mayra You don’t like this idea? :drooling_face:

What do you think of a legendary t4 weapon? You’ll have unique abilities, but your life bar will be altered, damaged, and altered to the point of death if you hold it down for too long. would have negative states when wielding the most severe and gradual by time when wielding example: wielding the legendary weapon t4 for 10 s is lethal 5 s consumes your life by 80 or 70%. Would you like these weapons? or you prefer not to implement them. For example, an ice beam from wielding the ice crystal causes extreme freezing for 1 minute x 5 seconds. 2 minutes x 10s without being able to cure it. and if you are unlucky enough to die in all possible ways with this weapon it will disappear from your inventory. The positive thing is that when using the ice flash as a javelin, if you throw it upon impact with the ground or solid surfaces, the ice sticks to the area and does damage to the area due to freezing plus the damage that the weapon normally causes. . . . . , For example . 50 or 100 damage for a certain time. Freezes the ground where it hits. Almost almost like the ice bridge and it’s time to collapse. Other weapons will need to drink your blood and what do you think? The ice beam is like the explosive arrow but with more special effects and slightly greater area damage.


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