WitherSpell Codex Roleplaying Server PvPvE-RP - Looking for players to join our community!

Witherspell Codex RP (PvPvE-RP) 18
Witherspell Codex Roleplay is a newly created gaming community with a focus on story telling and character development. A server for both voice and text rp enthusiasts to come together in order to tell creative and ever expansive tales, rather than mindlessly resorting to conflict. We follow the Twitch TOS standards, which means that ERP is forbidden from taking place on our server (what takes place outside of the server is your business).
Not long ago the realm of Naestradea was torn from its era of peace and prosperity. A flood of unworldly creatures would flood forth from rifts torn between time. A force of destruction unlike anything ever seen before. These rifts soon became known as “The Waves of Catastrophe”, an event known for causing wide spread destruction and panic. It was shortly after their appearance that the Church of Piety would spread its reach throughout the realm. Amassing its most skilled mages, it would put in the works something truly spectacular.
A spire of aether would pour into the sky, magical energy blanketing the lands, its origin… the central cathedral. Pulling adventurers from far and wide, the Church of Piety summoned those they saw fit to lead their fight against the waves. It was decided that each form of adventurer would answer to one of the High Priests of the church. The Hunters were to serve under the Priest of the eastern regions. The Warriors were to serve under the Priest of the southern regions. The Acolytes were to server under the Priest of the northern regions. Finally, all were to answer to the eldest Priest who watched over the western and most cursed regions.
Countless generation has passed now and the Church continues it’s fight against the waves of evil plaguing the land. It is unknown when, if ever, the waves may cease. Though the church feels they are close to something. Not two years past, the followers of Piety discovered a book that once sat around the neck of a great warlock. Unlike the other adventurers, this great warlock instead pulled his power from an ancient undisclosed source. A source that many believe is the Codex itself.
Much as the others, you too have been summoned forth into the realm of Naestradea. You now must choose which path you will take. Will you hold true to the past and follow in the footsteps of adventurers that came before you? Or will you traverse your own path, laying ground for a new path that might alter the fabric of the waves?
Now, just like the adventurers of time gone. It is now your turn to write your story and leave your mark on the world. I welcome you to weave yourself into the tapestry of the grove, provide it’s collection with your narrative and find your history in the presence of…
The Witherspell Codex!

➼ Exiled Lands.
➼ 70 player slot server.
➼ Server hosted via top-tier dedicated hardware (based in the US, but global-friendly).
➼ Custom Admin Hubs placed throughout the lands.
➼ Numerous Quest NPCs to keep you busy in-between RP sessions (new quests added weekly).
➼ Admin Led Events telling engaging stories based on the decisions made by the players.
➼ Custom server mod to tailor the experience to our specific needs. (And each season players with exception Roleplay works with the Modder to add a new weapon into the game for future seasons)
➼ Boosts to levels 60 / 90 / 150 and a starting kit to get you right into the RP.
➼ Growing market that adjusts stocks based on players interactions.
➼ Numerous custom races for players to choose from
➼ Whitelist and application process to weed out the trolls.

Discord: AHCZDpZH7M

Additional Info:
XP rate: 3x (however, level boosts are available)
Day/Night: Longer Day/Night cycle for more immersive experience
Hunger/Thirst: 0.3
Drop Equipment: Yes, though with certain mods true death is unlikely
Avatars: Deactivated
Containers: Ignore Ownership
Sandstorm: Deactivated

Hello All,

We are now around 15-22 active members on the server. We are gladly looking for others. Come join us, we have fun events and integrate your ideas into our Server Mod and our stories!