Wolf Spawns,are they glitched or..?

Are wolves hard for anyone else to find? As pups I mean. I can’t find any ever in G9 or below Skyholm Ruins. Did they get moved or removed? Is my server glitched?

Wolf pups are tough, what may be an oversight. This makes them hard to kill, and once hit they flee forever. So someone just punches it and you will be unable to ever catch it.

The issues is I can’t even see them. I’ve looked for two days thusfar and I haven’t seen them in any of the spawns people have shown on any website.

Are there any buildings near the spawn locations shown on the map? If there is a building within ~10 foundations of a spawn area, the cubs will never spawn (nor will the wolves).

I think G8 is what you want not G9, look between where the river splits, before it falls at shattered basin.
there are 4 that spawn in that area.

F9 the area between desert watch and trapper’s cabin is good for 2 spawns, and 2 more just to the west of that area.

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