Wondering if there are free/new players that would like to play and explore together?


I’m a new player and I have just stuck my head into Temple of Three Winds, that’s how far I’ve gotten. I completely understand that this is an old and top heavy game with veterans. I’m wondering how to find new players, or where to ask/advertise, to see if people would like to level up the normal way without outside help or running multiple accounts with software (EDIT: not in anyway judging).

Do new players come to this game? Is there a secret forum or chat channel maybe?

This seems like an excellent Sci-Fi game with cool lore. Thanks for reading.

Join a good org with alliance. Register to darknet, raidforall bots. Funcom doesn’t advertise this game we do get new players but nothing like days gone by. Its word of mouth mostly now or sheer discovery. AO is a very special game nothing else like it exists and the people that play it can find no other mmo tolerable when compared to how detailed this game is. It was way ahead of its time. An example (amazons new mmo new world doesn’t even have swimming which is pathetic,ao had flying before wow did) Most of the players left are vets at this point.

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Thank you for the suggestions/advice!

Instead of creating a new topic I wanted to ask one thing about the game UI, if someone experienced sees this: Are there any preconfigured layouts of the UI, or custom UIs? I understand that this might not exists but just thought I ask.

EDIT: I found dovvetech which I’ll try.

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