Wondering why the games fails on launch?

I have been playing Conan Exiles since, will more than a year of Early Access, and iI have always been using the same computer (in i7 17 inch asus laptop which uses a GTX860m), and it has always worked fine I have 377 Gigs available on a 1Tb harddrive, and sometime after one of the more recent patches after Riders of Hyboria expansion it would fail on every startup, so I deleted, redownloaded from steam, it would work again, then if I shut down the game on the next restart it would freeze, and not reack on the game home screen, after doing this a few time it stopped working entirely fresh reload or not… Please Help I cannot afford to replace a 2k+ $us laptop (especially when I am floundering on SSDisability of $864us, and if it weren’t for my brother I’d be houseless) just so I can get back to enjoying my mythic adventures. I have 422 hours (on the Standard Game) of grind in this game, and I was thinking of joining the ranks of YouTubers who made this the focus of their channels, but … well if it never launches again how will I

Game mode: (Single-player)]
Type of issue: [ Crash | Performance ]
Server type: [| PvE]
Region: [North America]

[See above]

Any error messages? Are you playing a modded game? Are you able to join an official server? Are any of your hardware compotents hitting their cap when the issue occurs e.g memory? Have you tried lowering the settings e.g. using the low end laptop setting to start the game?

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