Work stations not working properly and no star metal to mine

Hi there. I have been having a great time playing Conan Exiles and i really appreciate the game. I also appreciate all of the work that has been done to get it to the point that it is at now. This last patch did cause me some some gaming issues. I cannot get the fire pot cauldron’s the cooking station’s the tanneries or the smelting station’s to create anything. These work stations are stuck on stop and the cursor will not go to the start icon next to the stop icon. Also i have spent hours after hours scouring the frozen wasteland exactly where the You tubers tell you too in order to find star metal to mine. I have waited for many hours while fighting off saber tooth tigers to see any type of meteor shower. No star metal to mine and no meteor meteor showers. Thank you for your time and i hope you will address these issues when you can.

Hi, Funcom changed how Xbox (and PS4) start the workstations … you use left trigger (LT) now.

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Thank you so much, i just went and tried that and it worked. Awesome. Now i just need to find that star metal…LOL

Hey there, you didn’t mention if you were playing single player or not but I know I have never seen a meteor shower or a star metal node in single player. I believe it has to do with the way the server shuts down when you log off. I’ve given up hunting for them and will spawn some ore in then throw it into the furnace to make bars.

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i keep finding meteors but then no amount of explosives will open it up : (

I’ve found so much star metal in PC single player that I stopped going after it when I saw meteor showers. Then again, I built a castle within sight of the circle of swords.

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Yeah, I have chests full of star metal in my single-player too; my Castle Grimdark is sitting within sight of the Mounds of the Dead, so I can hear the meteor shower striking and I can see the impact from my balcony.

I’ve encountered a handful of meteors that won’t crack open with one or two explosive arrows; in this case I stop wasting kaboom-sticks and move on. Most meteors I’ve found have opened up nicely, even though some of them take annoying amounts of climbing to reach to actually mine them. Just yesterday I had one lodged in a vertical wall so that the only place to stand on was the blue rock itself. I had to be very careful so as not to hit my toes with my pick, and then grab hold of the wall quickly after the blue rock broke.

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