Workaround available?



Im working on my first pvp server base with elevators, so Im new to pulling elevators off nightly. When I log back on, Im unable to place them back on the foundation I had removed them from. Is this common and does anyone know of a workaround? So far all I can do is destroy and replace the foundation. Not a big deal while its sandstone, but tier 3 will start to cost a lot.

So I tried to dismantle the original foundation that the elevator had been attached to yesterday. It is the end of a line of about 6 founfation. Instead of dismantleing that foundation, it did the one next to it. On trying again, it dismantled the next in line, and so on until it dismantled the one placed at the top of two flights of stairs. I didnt move, i kept interacting with that first foundation. So, WTF?


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