Worken class thrall

Thought I had read funcom was working on somehow setting up or making thralls that work like the golems, gathering. But how would they work? A new thrall called Gatherer, that gathers dependent on tool you equip them with? Or will they change fighters to be like golems, gather dependent on the weapon you equip them with? I’m thinking this myself, but would prefer work stations.

Could that be part of what is coming in the next age, the age of Gatherers :grin:

No, really I know there are a few people on here that keep track of Conan gossip and rumor far better then I ever could, so whom knows what about gatherer thralls?

Dennis mentioned it in the last devstream. That’s all we really have to go on.

This one doubts this is how it would work, but what this one would like to see is…

A couple workstations. Call them a quarry, lumberyard, and field. You put captured (but not yet broken on the wheel) thralls in them and they burn as fuel to produce raw materials. The higher the tier of slave, the longer they last before they are worked to death.
The stations themselves can use a Taskmaster as the thrall that determines how much resource is produced every minute.

What is more likely…
Placed Bearers (possibly also dancers, fighters and archers) will have a new command right next to guard, emote, or break bond, that commands them to harvest with whatever harvest tool they have in the area.


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