Worker Bee and Queen should work as bait for traps

As an avid angler, I approve my own suggestion.

Does anyone actually bait traps though? Or use the bee/queen bee for that matter…

I have no choice as the traps are borked in single player.

Ah. Fair enough. I only use singleplayer as a testing ground for builds, so I never see these things (whether it’s borked traps or working purges!)

The lack of purges was the reason I went back to single player after playing both PvE-C and PvP.

I guess due the different “patterns of playing” in PvE-C, PvP and single player, certain things will go unnoticed.
My suggestions after going back to single player have been mostly focused on QoL stuff which I didn’t even consider in a multiplayer environment.

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im still learning on solo, but the honey :honey_pot: still gets (slowly) produced, but several worker bees i think give you 25, and a queen gave me 75, so if you have a lot of eggs (for egg-sample) :slight_smile: you might not be able to turn them all into Honeyed Eggs :egg: before they expiire, but when you put some bees into it, you can very quickly get a larger amount, and be able to cook them up. (plus you get a little bit of experience too)

btw latest stats show some rangeds here:

for the fish traps, while they can give you a range of fish over time, they seem to directly give you Exotic Fish with the large Maggot,

and the usual handful of insects give you a specific batch of unappetising fish.

in other games with fishing, insects, worms and flies are used often (like project zomboid) but i guess, because honey is i think rarer, people might use up their bees just on fish, which already has several ways to get) - i see the connection though, and it could always end up as a mod too :slight_smile:

Players focus on different things.
Some players might be into having an army of bears and therefore produce a lot of honey.
When it comes to cooking, I stick to aloe soup.
So, in my case, my hives are always full of honey and I have no use for bees and would rather use them as bait for my fish traps.

ah sorry i was just editing and adding thoughts, yes that is fair enough :slight_smile:

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